problem logging in facebook

I tried many times to log in by using your Kitchen Sink settings, but it is not working. I created a new application in facebook and tried again, but it did not work either (probably I need to have five users for that). I get a white window with the facebook logo when I press the facebook login button and nothing else happens. Do you think there is a problem with android settings for facebook login?


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  • Anyone found a solution to this problem? I experience the same, both in my own facebook app and even in the kitchensink examples on Android.

    In Android the facebook login button doesn't work at all. It only leave me with a blank loginscreen. Even in the Iphone facebook login is not very stable. E.g. if I log out and log in with a different facebook account the app stay in the first account.


  • Same problem here. Android 2.1-updated. I'm using a very simple implementation.

    var fbutton = Titanium.Facebook.createLoginButton ({

    It show's up just fine in the app, when you click the login button comes up, but it's blank.

  • Has anyone managed to connect to facebook using Titanium and Android. I am still struggling with this…. I really hope for some advice. On iphone it is working ok.


    — answered 5 years ago by Knut Inge Grosland
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    • what does your code look like? It is working fine for me? Maybe you should post a new question and include your code

      — commented 5 years ago by Aaron Saunders