Windows Phone 7 support?

Is this planned?
I don't think there's much point working to bring Titanium Mobile to Windows Mobile (yuk). However, Windows Phone looks like it has the potential to be a really nice OS. It would be awesome to be able to develop cross-platform apps for all three mobile platforms!

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  • We need this for trully cross platform portability :) Please add!!!

  • Personally I don't think Titanium should branch out to anymore OS's until they fix all the bugs that are in the current APIs right now. I know that 1.5.0 is going to be a huge fix for a lot of Android fixes, but there are several iOS bugs that need fixing and I believe that before Titanium starts working on branching out to even more OS's, they need to focus on getting their current supported OS's (Android & iOS) working 110%.

  • @Colton - That's a good point. Maybe they could do a bit of documentation (sorry if I just haven't found it) about how the iOS and Android APIs link up and encourage the community to work on porting to other platforms. Maybe there aren't any people who want to, but I think it's worth a try.
    It also depends on how serious the bugs are - if/when Android and iOS are working 99% then my opinion is that they should cut back on the developers fixing those bugs and have more working on other platforms.

    @James - Yes, I want one but have just bought a Droid … maybe the next upgrade

    Thinking about it and playing around with the SDK a bit, WP7 could be hard simply because of the uniqueness of the UI - while some of the controls are awesome they don't directly correspond to tabs etc. on other platforms … Still, I think it could be done (Appcelerator guys will have to learn C# as well as Obj-C and Java! Why does every mobile platform use a different language …)

  • as i ask in the webinar appcelerator team answer my question as: we don't have plan for Wp7 yet.

  • I would also love to see Windows Phone, its the only thing stopping me from choosing Titanium over PhoneGap. I like the idea of Native UI elements though. I see a lot of comments about Bugs that worry me a bit as well though

  • I agree, the new phones look great.. Need to go have a look at some of the HTC models.

  • WP7 support will be great to titanium but w/o bugs :d.

  • would be great :)

  • Hi ,

    Could u please specify which platform titanium appcelerator support at this time?


  • for two years they have not done a thing about the Windows Phone 7 request? Appcelerator I love your products but really want Windows Phone SDK on Titanium then your numbers will sky rocket!

  • Has anyone found any further information on this yet? Previews, Dates Beta releases, roadmaps, feature sets or anything? The Only info I can find so Far is the comments on the blog mentioned previously.

  • Is the preview planned for first half of the year? since 3.2.0GA is now available