Splash screen customization

Im having trouble with the customization of splash screens.

If i add a custom default.png file (just overwrite the appceletator one) its working fine on the emulators (iPhone/Android) But when i build it and test it on the actual devices its just not showing the custom screen.

I've tried using a new file, editing the appcelerators file, and many other things. But it's not really working.

Anybody else had problems with this?

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    Make sure your filename is "Default.png" not "default.png"

    On a device it's case sensitive but for some reason it will work in the simulator

  • Indeed the splash screen does not appear on devices. I also did the steps your mentioning. But I hope they fix this soon. Wouldn't want to ship out my app without the splash screen working.

  • Make sure Default.png is the only splash screen in your iphone folder. If your have the portrait or landscape files are in there it doesn't seem to work.

  • I believe your problem is the name of the file. Note that the iPhone directory has a "Default.png" file, with a capital "D" (names are case sensitive on the iPhone, I believe). If you replace that image with another image of the same name and dimension, it should work in the app sim and the iPhone itself - I just did it successfully. You should just be able to copy the same Default.png file to the Android/ directory as well.

  • So far, I have not encountered this issue. Just a few pointers:

    1. Make sure it is case-sensitive. Default.png
    2. Replace the ones inside iphone and android sub-directories
    3. Make sure it is iphone screen size like 320x480
    4. Rename your project directory. Open Ti developer so it cannot find the project. Rename the project back. Open Ti developer and import the project. Compile, build and test again.
  • the emulator seems to have cache but nowhere to clean it. I having the same problem until i realized that i shouldnt click on the app icon to start the app. (in the emulator screen). Let the emulator run the latest run app by itself(after unlock screen) and it will refresh with the latest splash screen.

  • this could be a 1.1 + problem. haven't seen a issue on 1.0 multiple attempts. Ensure the image is 320X480 if it is shorter it sometimes stretches it but this could possibly be the issue.

  • My apps show a custom splash screen on both Android and iPhone - They did change this fairly recently.

    I'd make sure you have 1.0.0 and try it with a test app and make sure that works.

    There are some other threads on this somewhere - you may need to remove some stuff manually from the build folders

  • Yeah thanks, I've tried it, but the weird thing is that if i switch back to the origional appcelerator splashscreen it works again. If i put back my custom it stops.

    Even if i take the appcelerator splashscreen, open it in photoshop or what so ever, draw a red circle on it and save it, it stops working on teh device. But on teh simulater it works just fine.

  • Ive been just modify the origional one, and it does not seem to been working on the device itself, Its typed correctly with teh capital D and the resolution is also correct.

  • Ive got everything case sensitive. I kinda fixed it the other day by creating a new project, and copy/paste everything it to it.

  • I have the same issue using Titanium Mobile 1.3.0 / Android and Ubuntu Linux as host.
    I saved the image using Gimp.

    I am sure it is case-sensitive. Default.png. Also tried other names. (I even verified the file build/android/assets/Resources/…)
    iPhone Splashscreen works perfectly.
    I am sure the size of the splashscreen is 320x480 and I even tried other sizes.
    I also tried to rename the folder and import/build the project again.

    — answered 5 years ago by Jicks Steen
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    • Seems to me that this is a Titanium Bug under Linux / Ubuntu. Tested the same code with Windows / Titanium Developer and it works.

      — commented 5 years ago by Jicks Steen
  • I too am having trouble customising the splash screen on Ubuntu Linux with Android emulator.

  • Having same problem titanium is overwriting it with some ugly blue default one. I can hack it with a script but only for a re-launch, not a full build. It also rewrites it on publish.

    Please can someone tell me how to fix this because i really need to publish this app and the customer will not be happy with someone elses logo!

  • check whether in android splash imahe name image is 'Default.png' instead 'default.png' and for iphone/ipad 'default.png' Instead of 'Default.png'

  • I agreed with Kevin Brown. After removing portrait and landscape files, my customized Default.png appears on device.

  • Hi Vivekananda,

    I am pretty new to appcelerator and I have the same issue. What are the portrait and landscape files you guys are talking about? Can't find them. (I am also on the 2.0.1 version of titanium if that helps)


  • Most people create their own image and place that created image in the resources folder to replace the default splash screen. In my opinion, this is not the best method. The best method is to actually edit the default splash screen image (from its default location) in photoshop or program of your choice. This method ensures that your new splash screen has the correct dimensions.