Shoutcast Streaming Android

I thought I would share my experience to maybe save someone else some time and possibly come up with a workaround on this thread. Here is my specs

  • Appcelerator SDK 1.4
  • Windows XP
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Android 2.1-Update1

I have been playing around with streaming and have found suitable solutions for iphone (not tested.. waiting for iphone to arrive before I go there ;) ).. But Android hmm

Using the Appcelerator Ti.Media.createAudioPlayer() I have found that it works great with Android 2.2 only (tested in Emulation).

The Ti.Media.createAudioPlayer() does NOT work anything below Android 2.2 (Tested on Galaxy S - Android 2.1-update1 and Emulation). I suspect it is because Android introduced "New media framework (Stagefright) that supports local file playback and HTTP progressive streaming" in the 2.2 release.


I have however tested shoutcast streaming apps on my Galaxy S (Android 2.1-update1) and they work flawlessly, but I think they are native apps…

In light of this, I am hoping I am wrong or there is a suitable work around for old Android releases?

— asked 5 years ago by Kam Kasravi
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  • Just an update on my experiments..

    I got it working on Android 2.1-Update1 (Samsung Galaxy S) using a php proxy script which redirects the audio from port 7777 to port 80, however the audio has a pop sound.

    Testings with port 80 audio proxy

    • Device Android 2.1-Update1 = streams but with annoying audio pop
    • Emulation 2.2 = Does not connect
    — commented 5 years ago by Kam Kasravi

3 Answers

  • Is there anyone willing to assist?

    If Titanium can not do streaming from Shoutcast pre-Android 2.2, is there someone willing to build a plugin for Titanium? (will pay $$).

    My fingers are crossed that SDK 1.5 solves this issue


  • Did you managed to solve your issue? I'm trying to do the same, playing a shoutcast stream in my Android 2.2 device with no luck.

    I've tested with a mp3 file directly and it works fine but shoutcast don't.

    Can you post your PHP proxy script?

    Thank you,


  • just an update… I have an iPHONE 3gs, and TWO DROIDS 2.2.2 ….
    I am able to stream a single MP3 file ( does not end) to all of the devices with no issues except for one:

    They all work using ti sdk 1.8.
    just an update.