Error with the Titanium installation with MAC

Hello Everybody,

I am facing a strange problem when I am installing Titanium in MAC:

when I Tried to execute this command

sudo npm install -g NodeJS titanium alloy

I've got always:

sudo: npm: command not found

I am not an expert with MAC, so what's the solution?

Thanks in advance?

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    I'm afraid that you are in a chicken and the egg situation.

    Keep in mind that npm is usually installed with NodeJS; although you can install it as a standalone product. But since you are not very Mac proficient, we'll assume that it's not installed on your machine at all.

    There are different ways you can go about this. But the easiest way would be to simply let Titanium Studio do the heavy lifting for you. In TiStudio, simply go to the Help -> Check for updates menu. From there, you will be shown a dialog window that will allow you to install, NodeJS, Alloy, the Command Line Interface (CLI) or any oher tools that may come handy in the future. Thus rendering the npm command call unnecessary.

  • npm comes with the nodejs installer.

    — answered 3 years ago by Stephen Feather
    • Ok, so what should I do? this is one of the installation procedures in the MAC!!!

      the command is still not found?

      — commented 3 years ago by Karray Gargouri
    • this is one of the installation procedures in the MAC!!!

      Dont go getting excited with me. I didn't tell you the installation procedures, so no reason to get all snippy with a bunch of !!!!!! If you dont like my answer, just buggar off.

      If you want HELP, then do as I tell you and stop your arguing.

      Install nodejs from the site l listed above. (which by the way is THE WAY ITS LISTED IN THE DOCS)

      — commented 3 years ago by Stephen Feather
    • I am not arguing with you … I am trying to really follow you … I told you before that I am not familiar with MAC system … obviously, there is a misunderstanding ….
      Anyway, thanks for your reply, I'll figure out elsewhere.

      — commented 3 years ago by Karray Gargouri