screen shrink back to 320*480 on 4-inch Retina display

When I run my app on 4-inch Retina iPhone simulator, the screen shrinks back to 320480, adding black blocks at the top and the bottom. On 4-inch Retina, I also tried running both Hello World app and the TiBountyHunter app. Hello World runs well without shrinking on the 4-inch display while *TiBountyHunter doesn't.

Is that a problem with tableview? Both TiBountyHunter and my own app have tableview while Hello World doesn't. How can I fix this to display without black blocks with 4-inch display?

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  • Accepted Answer

    Make sure you have the Default-568h@2x.png splash screen in TiBountyHunter.

    From 2.1.3 SDK release notes:
    For best results, existing applications should be updated with assets to fit the new iPhone 5 screen (1136 x 640 pixels) as needed. Assets specific to the new screen should be named with the suffix -568h@2x. For example, the default splash screen image for the new screen is named Resources/iphone/Default-568h@2x.png.