Android Numeric Keypad on Emulator

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How can you get a standard keypad on Android; none of the UI.Keyboard work ![standard keypad] (d:/Numeric_pad.jpg "Standard Keypad") ![Android keypad} (d:/Numeric+pad_Android.jpg "Android Keypad")

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You can get a numeric keypad in Android as below;

var txt1 = Ti.UI.createTextField({
    keyboardType: Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_DECIMAL_PAD,
    height: 60,
    left: 10,
    top: 10,
    value: '123',
    width: 150
The following four constants appear to show the exact same appearance.
There appears to be no ability show ONLY numbers and each of the choices below have multiple extra symbols not associated with pure numeric values either - with each showing phone related additions.

Shame as this seems like an oversight somewhere.

— answered 2 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth
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  • none of hese options do show "/" or "." on Ti 2.1.0 with the Android sdk 2.3.3 that is on a numeric KB

    — commented 2 years ago by John Mohan

  • The previous Android sdk had a Samsung api for the keyboard that included these symbols; the latest version of Adroid sdkdoes contain that anymore

    — commented 2 years ago by John Mohan

  • I am not near my dev machine at the moment, but I am sure my emulator did, I will put up some screenshots as soon as I am back in front of it.

    — commented 2 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth

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