Android Numeric Keypad on Emulator

How can you get a standard keypad on Android; none of the UI.Keyboard work
![standard keypad] (d:/Numeric_pad.jpg "Standard Keypad")
![Android keypad} (d:/Numeric+pad_Android.jpg "Android Keypad")

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  • Hi

    You can get a numeric keypad in Android as below;

    var txt1 = Ti.UI.createTextField({
        keyboardType: Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_DECIMAL_PAD,
        height: 60,
        left: 10,
        top: 10,
        value: '123',
        width: 150

    The following four constants appear to show the exact same appearance.

    keyboardType: Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_DECIMAL_PAD,
    keyboardType: Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_NUMBER_PAD,
    keyboardType: Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_PHONE_PAD,

    There appears to be no ability show ONLY numbers and each of the choices below have multiple extra symbols not associated with pure numeric values either - with each showing phone related additions.

    Shame as this seems like an oversight somewhere.

    — answered 3 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth
    • none of hese options do show "/" or "." on Ti 2.1.0 with the Android sdk 2.3.3 that is on a numeric KB

      — commented 3 years ago by John Mohan
    • The previous Android sdk had a Samsung api for the keyboard that included these symbols; the latest version of Adroid sdkdoes contain that anymore

      — commented 3 years ago by John Mohan
    • I am not near my dev machine at the moment, but I am sure my emulator did, I will put up some screenshots as soon as I am back in front of it.

      — commented 3 years ago by Malcolm Hollingsworth