iTunes Sync failed install app

I need to install an app into my iPhone, I have the .ipa file of that app and also my device is added to the developer's account. I downloaded the file and open it in iTunes and when I am trying to sync my iPhone with iTunes it gives me an error saying "iTunes Sync "app name" failed to install". Could anyone can please provide me with the steps or any link?

— asked 3 years ago by Pradeep C
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  • Hi Pradeep,

    Download your apple developer certificates andmobile provisioning profile in your machine and double click on both and make sure your provosining profile is a valid and it also contain your device UDID.

    And Please try again to install

    — commented 3 years ago by Jigar Maheshwari

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  • Hi

    I always use the Xcode organiser to install the app to my devices.

    • In iTunes, right click your app and "show in finder"
    • Run Xcode
    • In Xcode use the "Organizer" option
    • connect your devices (fine if it already was)
    • wait a few seconds
    • Your device should appear on the left side list
    • click the applications entry
    • drag the file you found in the first step over your device in the list and drop on the "applications" entry
    • you app will appear here, if it was already here the long number will change after 5-10 seconds
    • I take note of the last 3 numbers, when they change the app is on the device.
    • you can also drag certificates here if they do not get copied automatically.

    Others use (Test Flight](, I have not tried that yet, but many smart people use it all the time (SF).

    All this assumes your have compiled your app with the correct certificate listed and the Application id for the certificate matches the Application Id for the app (allowing for wild-cards).

    Try this and see what happens.

  • Hi Pradeep, have you installed the certificate and provisioning profile of your app(signed with)?

    app may not be signed with provisioning profile installed in your device.