How to extract information from a numerical barcode value, say category, expiration date, price etc. ..??

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Hello guys,
I'm facing an issue while trying to decode a barcode value manually, as i've already obtained a numerical code from a barcode image through a barcode scanner module…i want to decode this numerical value and extract any possible information hidden in this value, like category of the product associated with the barcode, manufacturer of the product, etc..
Any kind of information would be a great help… thank you.. :)

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    As 1d barcodes used to denote products only carries numerical information (it most cases) that simply points to a product entry using some industry wide allocation of assigned numbers - there is nothing you can determine from the barcode other than the number.

    However, that number is very important and can tie into multiple databases on-line, some are free and some you pay for.

    You have to remember that compiling all this information has taken some companies a significant amount of time and maintaining that information also costs lots of money - so if they ask for a small fee that is why.

    Here are some links you can use to see some of the locations that number can be used.

  • hi,

    barcode reader is to get the information which is stored in the barcode image so scanner does not understand that which barcode is for what…? so i think when you create barcode image, you should add all the information so you can get back that when you scan that image…

    — answered 3 years ago by Mitul Bhalia
    • Hi Mitul, thanks for the information above.
      But, actually here i'm not the one who's creating a barcode image. Here, i'm scanning the universal barcodes already in the market, created by some 'XYZ'' organization. I want to extract information from such a barcode.

      To elaborate a little, what i'm doing is…scanning a barcode and obtaining its numerical value say:
      "123456789104", now digits in this value represent some information about the product,
      i just want to extract the information about the product hidden in these digits.

      — commented 3 years ago by Anuj Vashistha
    • ok,

      then on success of the barcode module you can stringify data which is returned by module success event and see that any information is there except barcode number

      or you can do that in other way if you have all the product information.

      then you can create a database which saves the all the information in that then when you get value as digit from barcode module then fire a query in database so you can get the details.

      — commented 3 years ago by Mitul Bhalia
    • Yeah, i'm trying to to do it the latter way. But, you know we've a large coupon database, i've seen on the internet. It's almost non-ending, how can we create such a large database ourselves. I was just looking to find an API or something through which we can get the barcode data information when barcode numerical value is used in the call sent.

      — commented 3 years ago by Anuj Vashistha
    • o…k,

      if you find any solution then please tell me.

      good luck

      — commented 3 years ago by Mitul Bhalia
  • Unless I am much mistaken, bar code encodes the EAN of a product and that's that. There is no additional information (except in special cases like ISBN-13 code which are EANs and encode the country block and editor id). Head over here at wikipedia to find out more

  • First, not all 1d barcodes are numeric-only barcode type. Second, a barcode reader is only able to decode the characters that encoded in the barcode and it can not be able to read the exact meaning of those characters, except GS1 128. So if you want to decode the information that decoded in the barcode, you'd better choose GS1-128 barcode type.