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Hi, I am developing a Titanium application which uses a login screen consists of two text fields to enter the username and password. I am executing this application in mobile web. In case of iphone device browser the login screen is working fine. But when I execute this application in android device browser I am facing an issue. When the text field gets focus a keyboard is rolled over and auto hided address bar is getting disclosed. Due to that address bar the window is not scrolling up and the the labels are getting shrinked due to lack of proper space to spread through out the screen. I want to hide the address bar when the text field gets focus. Can anyone share me a proper solution to hide the address bar when the text field gets focus. This is what I am facing when I test app in android device browser. But not in iphone device browser. I am facing this issue not only in login screen but also in all the screens of the application when the textfield gets focus. Can anyone share the solution ASAP...

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