scrollEnd event of ScrollableView inside ScrollableView

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It seems that ScrollableView(parent) is catching the ScrollableView(child)'s event. How do I prevent Parent's ScrollableView event from triggering.

Below is not the actual code but it should work the same.

var label1 = Ti.UI.createLabel({ text: "Hello" });
var label2 = Ti.UI.createLabel({ text: "World" });
var childScrollable = Ti.UI.createScrollableView({
    views: [label1, label2]
var parentScrollable = Ti.UI.createScrollableView({
    views: [childScrollable]
parentScrollable.addEventListener("scrollEnd", function(e) {"I should stay in page 0. The current page is: "+e.currentPage);
childScrollable.addEventListener("scrollEnd", function(e) {"Im the child scrollableview and my page is "+e.currentPage);
When I scroll the child scrollableview to page 1 the parent scrollableview is triggered and display result as currentpage to 1.


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Jason, why in the world would you want to put a scrollable view inside a scrollable view? It is more than normal to behave like this.

— answered 3 years ago by Dan Tamas
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  • Actually the child scrollableview is rotated 90 deg. because normally scrollable view don't support vertical scrolling. What I'm saying is I'm creating UI which basically swipe left, right, up down.

    — commented 3 years ago by Jason James

I currently have the same need. I wish Titanium develops a vertical scrollableview too... Jason, a dirty way is to check the source of event.

parentScrollable.addEventListener("scrollEnd", function(e) {
    if (e.source === parentScrollable) {
  "I should stay in page 0. The current page is: "+e.currentPage);
    } else if (e.source === childScrollable) {"Im the child scrollableview and my page is "+e.currentPage);
I hope it will help.

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