iOS button color?

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I see that backgroundSelected color is only for Android.

How can I change button color (not background)? And it would be even better if it could automatically add that iOS specific line across button like a mirror.

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I have been experimenting with setBackgroundGradient property and seems to work fine for gradients. I imagine that you can have a solid color backgroundGradient to give you the effect of one color change on click.

var pictureButton = Titanium.UI.createButton({
            color: '#000',
            borderRadius: 10,
            borderColor: '#888',
            style: Titanium.UI.iPhone.SystemButtonStyle.PLAIN,
            backgroundGradient: { type:'linear', colors: [{color:'#f1f1f1', position:0.0}, {color:'#d3d3d3',position:1.0}] }
        pictureButton.addEventListener('touchstart', function() {
            pictureButton.setBackgroundGradient({type:'linear', colors: [{color:'#282828', position:0.0}, {color:'#d3d3d3',position:1.0}]});
        pictureButton.addEventListener('touchend', function() {
            pictureButton.setBackgroundGradient({type:'linear', colors: [{color:'#f1f1f1', position:0.0}, {color:'#d3d3d3',position:1.0}]});

— answered 3 years ago by Javier Vega
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  • Thx for this. I decided to work with gradients also but I set it aside for know. Your code will speed up my researching process.

    — commented 3 years ago by Dino Bartosak

hi Dino,

you can do one thing create one image with your backgroundSelected and set this as a property of backgroundSelectedImage. It may help you

good luck

— answered 3 years ago by Mitul Bhalia
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  • actually you should create two image one with selectedColor and other with without selectedColor

    — commented 3 years ago by Mitul Bhalia

  • But that way if I decide to change my app color, I must create whole new images. Isn't there some better solution. Strange how iOS not supports this. (Or it is a Titanium thing)

    — commented 3 years ago by Dino Bartosak

  • yes you must create two images for that because i also tested with buttonBar and tabbedBar but no success

    — commented 3 years ago by Mitul Bhalia

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