video player causes error on android

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Mobile App Titanium SDK version: 1.8.2 iPhone SDK version: 4.3 Mac OS x 10.6.8

I am creating a videoplayer which works fine on ios but I keep getting a runtime error on android - also get same error on kitchen sink

' var effectVideoWindow = Titanium.UI.createWindow({ id: '24EffectVideoWindow', title: '24 hour effect', backgroundColor: '#FFF', barColor: '#00BFFF', navBarHidden: false, width: '100%', height: '100%', fullscreen: false });

    var options = {
        url: '/movies/movie.mp4',
        backgroundColor: '#FFF',
        scalingMode: Titanium.Media.VIDEO_SCALING_MODE_FILL,
        movieControlMode: Titanium.Media.VIDEO_CONTROL_DEFAULT          

    var activeMovie = Titanium.Media.createVideoPlayer(options);

    effectVideoWindow.addEventListener('close', function() {
— asked 4 years ago by derek johnston
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    It be nice to actually have the run time error to at least a smidgeon of a clue.

    — commented 4 years ago by Stephen Feather


    — commented 4 years ago by derek johnston

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hi derek, remember one thing that when you use video player in android , there is no need to add player in the window so try to run your code without adding the player

see this doc

— answered 4 years ago by Mitul Bhalia
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  • I tried what you suggested , the runtime error disappears but all i see is a blank white screen. I tested using the movie.mp4 from kitchen sink and same happens

    — commented 4 years ago by derek johnston

  • is your path correct of movie.mp4....?

    — commented 4 years ago by Mitul Bhalia

  • yes - it works for the iphone so its there in the correct folder

    — commented 4 years ago by derek johnston

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here is a screen shot of error as I said get same error in kitchen sink

anyone seen this before?

In addition to this my mp4 video plays ok in iphone but not in android.

An mp4 video with codecs MPEG-4 Video, AAC and dimensions 368?×?208 plays ok in android but mp4 video codecs AAC, H.264 and dimensions 960?×?640 the video controls very briefly appear then disappear and just a black screen with no audio and there is no info in the console window.

Is this connected to the codecs or dimensions - any help would be great

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