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It looks like Android now allows for up to 4GB for the apk. It still is set to 50mb but they are giving us two expansion files that can be up to 2GB each. Is there anything we would need to do through Titanium to use those expansion files? I have been looking around but haven't ran into the answer yet. Any info would be great. Thanks

— asked 4 years ago by Jateen Bhakta
  • hi did you get any answers for this im havin trouble with it

    — commented 4 years ago by Gary George

  • No nothing as yet. Maybe we'll hear more when Ti v2.0 is released???

    — commented 4 years ago by Simon Burgon

  • I hope its part of the 2.0 release.

    — commented 4 years ago by Jateen Bhakta

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2 Answers

+1 ran into exact same problem -- how do we do it from Titanium? For a native app you would need to make some code changes to handle Google Play Expansion Files. I don't believe there is a platform-level support for it in Titanium. If someone got it to work, or has a work-around ... please share! Much appreciated.

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