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So I am in the process of submitting my app to apple. Apparently apple rejected the app because the app freezes on the splash screen, but I have never seen this happen on my device, simulator or any of the other devices I have used. Any ideas? This is on IOS 5.0.1 and latest SDK.

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    I suggest you use TestFlight and send your app to a fellow developer to test it on his/her device.

  • Did they give you a crash log? If not, it might be worth exploring the integration of TestFlight which, supposedly, will capture crash events for you. I'm in the process of doing this myself. Incidentally, how long did it take before Apple reviewed your app after uploading it to them?

  • Apple hasn't given me a crash log, but I just requested one. I don't know how its possible for them to have it freeze on the splash screen when it works fine on the same IOS version on all my devices and simulator. Has this ever happened before to others?

  • Any other ideas on this one guys? According to apple they say since it doesnt crash they cant give me a crash log. Apparently it only freezes on the splash screen and thats it. Any ideas would be helpful. thanks

  • Thanks I was able to resolve this issue.

    — answered 4 years ago by Devesh Patel
    • Good news - you might want to close the question and perhaps explain what solved the problem for other users.

      — commented 4 years ago by Chris Leyton
    • i have the same problem ! Could you give us your solution ? Thanks !

      — commented 4 years ago by Greg Carlin
    • How were you able to fix this?!

      — commented 3 years ago by Grant Wolz
  • Can you share how did you solve the problem?

  • Dear Devesh Patel,
    I got the same issue. How you solve the problem?

  • This is happening to me as well - 6 developers tested for me on TestFlight, all without a problem. The client has tested the app all without problems, and yet Apple says it freezes on the splash screen. They also say that there's no crash logs available.

    Only thing I can think of is there's some Appcelerator code that is causing the app to crash/freeze but only when built with an Appstore profile.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'm wide open..

    — answered 4 years ago by Boydlee Pollentine
    • Try removing all log ( | debug | error) statements from your code before building for distribution.

      — commented 4 years ago by Ayorinde Adesugba
    • Why? I've released tonnes of apps before and never had to do that.

      — commented 4 years ago by Boydlee Pollentine
    • If a variable/object referenced in the logging statement is undefined or null, it may cause suspension of the thread.

      — commented 4 years ago by Ayorinde Adesugba
    • Hmm true, but that doesn't explain why the thread suspends only in release mode / when being tested by Apple, and why it hasn't caused a problem in either debug or ad-hoc mode for any other users. I'll give it a go anyway.

      — commented 4 years ago by Boydlee Pollentine
  • OK well I had a "similar" experience that may shed be of help…but then again:)

    As a note I always move out of Titanium and run the build through Xcode.

    An app I was looking at did the same thing of freezing on start up. However, only when doing a release build did this occur. Looking in the output it seemed to freak on pngcrush not being able to handle some images in my app. This never occurred for a dev build at all. I assume because validation was only set for release.

    In the end I disabled pngcrush (as it seemed to be quite random in regards to the images it took issue with, picking out ones I had reserved and optimised as much as I could etc) and it built fine.

    Obviously my case is very specific to me:) But if you are not building via Xcode it may well be worth it just to see if you notice any issues during that process.

    — answered 4 years ago by adrian goddard
    • Thanks - I do all my builds through XCode and I know the PNG problem you are talking about, though I don't think that's it in this case. I have been running AdHoc Release builds through TestFlight for ages and got half a dozen developers to test the build in TF without issue. I think it may be the analytics issue mentioned below - a conclusion I also came to.

      If that fails however I'll be re-doing all my PNG's again until I find out what the problem is!

      — commented 4 years ago by Boydlee Pollentine
    • No problem yes i thought my issue may be too specific but thought would add anyway just in case:)

      I always turn analytics off so would never experienced the below:)

      — commented 4 years ago by adrian goddard
    • Me too normally but I forgot this time around.

      — commented 4 years ago by Boydlee Pollentine
  • I think I know why this happens. The App tries to contact Appcelerator servers for statistics and if it can not connect it sometimes waits forever. Just disable the statistics option and try again. :)

    in tiapp.xml set this


    — answered 4 years ago by Tony Yustein
    • This was my latest thought as well, normally I'd turn Analytics off but hadn't this time. I have resubmitted now with Analytics off so we'll see how that goes.

      It is passes this time I'm going to raise this as a bug in Jira - not turning Analytics off should just mean that analytics doesn't work, not that the entire thread for your app crashes on the splash screen.

      — commented 4 years ago by Boydlee Pollentine
    • Please let us know how it goes, I'm interested to see the result.

      IMHO, analytics should be turned off when we create a new project by default. It could also create a legal issue to track the users without consent. I'm not sure if this kind of statistics is accepted in an EULA by the user when they join the iTunes Store. (I hope I didn't open Pandora's box!) :)

      — commented 4 years ago by Tony Yustein
  • Does anyone have a final answer to this problem? I am having the exact same issue with apple rejecting my app. I have submitted 5 times now and it is still not resolved regardless of what code changes I seem to make.

    — answered 3 years ago by Grant Wolz
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    • Hi Grant, I too have similar problem, Have you got any idea to solve this issue?

      — commented 3 years ago by Karthi Ponnusamy
  • Hi Davesh,
    Go to Tiaap.xml file and make the analytical tag value false it will solve your issue.

  • Hi All,

    I had this problem and it turned out to be an build-level bug to do with Snow Leopard. I ended up getting some guys at Appcelerator to look into it and the fix should be coming in a new version (I hope).

    Basically, if you're building with Snow Leopard and using the newer versions of the SDK there is a module referencing bug when your application is built for Distribution that causes an infinite loop in the main thread. It doesn't affect any of your local builds, hence the reason you can't replicate the issue and Apple can.

    Until the bug is fixed (I wish I had details for you but it was in Twitter DM's and they're deleted) the only way I found to get around this was to upgrade to OSX Lion.