ScrollView crashes Android on orientation change

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I have a ScrollView in a TableViewRow and when I change the orientation of my device the app crashes due to an Ambiguous Z-order. I have removed the event handler that handles the resize of the page and it still crashes the app. I believe this to be related to a similar issue I had with nested tables crashing the app on orientation change on Android. Can someone shed some light on this issue so that I can figure out what is going on and what to do with an Ambiguous Z-order? Thank you.

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I believe my digging around may have found the cause of this issue but created another one. According to another post this crash is from the ambiguity of what a Ti.UI.currentXXX returns. So after switching my reference to the current tab to a static variable it seems to work flawlessly. HOWEVER... I now see that the user browsing away during the animation of the scrollview causes the app to crash. Can anyone help me with THIS issue now?

Well... It sorta' fixed it, more like made it a tolerable nuissance but it still remains buggy.

Could you please tell, what you have done to solve the problem?

I'am using a scrollview on IOS. Occationally the app crashes on orientation change.

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