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Is there any possibility that titanium will have windows phone support development added in the foreseeable future?

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Define "foreseeable". When you consider that support for Blackberry has been publicly planned for a long time and still has not made it out of beta, and no public plans/beta are available for WM, my definition of "foreseeable" would have to exclude WM.

Of course, as just a user, I am not speaking for Appcelerator. Just saying that using Blackberry support as a measuring rod, I'd speculate that even if they announced today they plan to support WM that in my book I would still consider working (non-beta) support for another OS to not be in the "foreseeable" future.

At least after HP's announcement last week, I think you can officially cross webOS support off anyone's future plans...

I would prefer that Appcelerator focus on continuing to mature their product for Android (which is selling the most devices right now) and iPhone, rather than stretching their resources any thinner to pursue Windows Phone (who's gonna buy that anyway?) or even furture Blackberry development (Blackberry is dead) case anyone from Appcelerator reads this.

— answered 4 years ago by Shawn Lipscomb
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  • The main point about Blackberry is that the current OS should be changed to QNX. And the current Titanium support will not make sense.

    — commented 4 years ago by Eric Cavalcanti

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