AdMob for Android - Success Stories?

I'm very seriously considering an indie membership and one of the driving factors is the admob integration. However I'd like to confirm that the module works on Android?

Also can anyone confirm that they have it working? I see lots of posts about issues; but then again most people only post if something doesn't work.

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  • I tried the paid admob setup, but it didn't fire an event when an add wasn't loading. (Which happens 1 - 25% of the time, depending on your settings.)

    So, I ended up using the free IOS module for admob you can find on this forum by searching for jp.masuidrive.ti.admob. If you search this forum, there is also a user written and free admob module for Android. My next release of all my apps will also be on android, so I'm looking into that module shortly.

    (I little reading up on how to add modules to Titainium may be required, but I found the free IOS admob module very good and straight forward.)

    I am a day away from the one month mark using Admob, and today I had an update of an app approved that uses iAds. From what I've read, iAds have a much lower fill rate (8 - 12%) but a MUCH higher payout per click. We'll see in a few days if the one app I have approved with iAds does better now than it did with Admob only. My setup has an internal ad, but on top of that I add an iAd, and if the iAd fails, I load an admob ad. So, it's really 3 layers of adds, with iAd the top priority, then Admob, then my own ads.

    I spent almost a week retooling my app to be in portrait only mode to use iAds, because from what I can tell Titanium doesn't support iAds in landscape. This is an issue, as if a portrait ad is clicked while the device is in landscape, then the whole app orientation gets off, and your app ends up being stuck on a blank screen. I REALLY hope Titanium will fully support iAds soon, but I can't get any response in this public Q&A section. (See this post:

    I hope that helps!

    Peter Janett
    New Media One Web Services

  • I'd love your feedback. My situation is that my app runs on android and iphone and I'm using the builtin iAd support pretty well, but getting $0 from my android app. So I'm really focused on support for android/admob.