Number Keypad not working

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In our Android app, we have a requirement for a Number keyboard to open up on click of a textfield, we used the snippet below.

txtField = Titanium.UI.createTextField({
Alpha-numeric keyboard shows up when we add the above textfield. But number keyboard opens when the passwordMask property is removed. Is there any other keyboard type that shows up Number pad, even with the passwordMask set as true?

We are using : Android 2.2, Ti SDK - 1.7.2

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Ticket TIMOB-4747 has been raised for this. It has been assigned to a developer and is scheduled for Sprint 2011-35, the link for which you will find in the ticket. This will give you the target fix date of 05/Sep/11.

Be aware that there is a possibility that the ticket may be reassigned to a later sprint. The best way to keep track of it, and show your support for a resolution, is to watch the ticket. This way, you will receive any updates to its status.

Hope this helps

— answered 4 years ago by Paul Dowsett
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  • Thanks Paul! I will track this.

    — commented 4 years ago by Prathima Doraiswamy

  • Prathima

    That's OK, but the best way to thank people in the Q&A is to close the question by marking it "best". Furthermore, there is nothing we can add here that could benefit anyone regarding the fix, I'm afraid, as everything will be communicated via that ticket.


    — commented 4 years ago by Paul Dowsett

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