Silent sounds on android? Why can't I get the volume up?

My app plays short sounds when something happens in the interface (beep stuff).
The sounds get played but the volume is so low, it doesn't fulfill its purpose.

var file= Ti.Filesystem.getFile(Titanium.Filesystem.resourcesDirectory, 'sound.ogg');
var soundPlayer= Titanium.Media.createAudioPlayer({ audioSessionMode:Titanium.Media.AUDIO_SESSION_MODE_PLAYBACK, preload:true, url:file.nativePath});

I also tried createSound, with the same result (there I also tuned up soundPlayer.volume= 1). The value changed indeed, but the sound was still very silent.

It is even more silent on a real device, even though the volume on the device itself
has been maxed out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you

— asked 4 years ago by Droid Developa
  • How does the file sound on your computer when played through the media player?

    — commented 4 years ago by Anthony Decena
  • I'd say 2.5x louder than on the emulator, compared using headphones.
    I also amplified the sounds, to see if it makes difference, result nearly not noticeable.

    — commented 4 years ago by Droid Developa

1 Answer

  • Ok sorry, my fault. the Media Player volume was tuned down. I thought I could
    influence it with Media.volume, but apparently I cannot.

    These sounds actually are not real media, but interface sounds, is there a way to play them under the ringer volume?