oAuth problems with GET params - Incorrect Signature


I need help.

After autentication using oAuth Adapter (http://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2010/07/twitter-oauth-implementation-for-titanium-mobile.html), i need use verify_credentials method. This method require GET params. I change code here: http://pastie.org/1749569
I only receive this return:

"error":"Incorrect signature"

Im going crazy now, pls help :P


3 Answers

  • that means that you have not constructed the signature value appropriately and that is why the request is getting rejected

    but you are definitely going to need to show more code than what is in the pastie to find a solution

  • Send param with GET:

    var dataGET = {
    xhr = ... // You code for initialize HTTPClient
    xhr.open('GET', 'YOUR URL');
    — answered 5 years ago by Zhuk Vitaliy
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    • If i use your code i get this error:

      [DEBUG] *** sendStatus, Response: [400] 
      "error":"This method requires a GET."}

      — commented 5 years ago by Micael Estrazulas
  • Aaron Saunders, my code is here: http://pastie.org/1754818

    Thanks guy :)