convert color image to black & white

Hi, I found so much articles for resizing the image taken by camera and from phone gallery. But i want to know if there is any method in appsceletor API for converting color image to a black & white image ?

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  • Sandeep

    What mobile platform are you developing for?

    I've not heard of any native tools that will do this currently. Personally, I would just send the file to my web server, running a webservice that converts images using the following imagemagick command:

    convert yourimage.jpg -colorspace Gray yourimage-gray.jpg


    — answered 5 years ago by Paul Dowsett
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    • i am developing for both iphone and android. I think webservice will make network overhead, if this can be done on device itself that would be more efficient…

      — commented 5 years ago by Sandeep Kumar
  • Hello, avoiding the server side solution,that needs a connection, is slow and make traffic, you have just one,actually, workaround for it:

    1. take the picture
    2. open it with the webview that supports html 5 canvas object
    3. use a javascript graph library, here you can have access to the bite array function, to manipolate your image
    4. save it.

    that all.


    — answered 5 years ago by Andrea S
    • does this thing supported in both iphone and android and for what minimum platform version for both ?

      — commented 5 years ago by Sandeep Kumar
    • yep, both devices support canvas.

      — commented 5 years ago by Andrea S
    • I'm trying to figure out how to some image manipulation, too. Did anyone get the html 5 canvas method working? Any code sample you're willing to share? :) Thanks.

      — commented 4 years ago by Trevor Borgmeier