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When I open a new window on the iPad like this:

var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({ url: 'ownage.js', navBarHidden: true, backgroundColor: '#000'

... the new window doesn't get slided to like you usually see when opening a new window. How do I animate the window?

To compare, on the App Store, if you search for whatever and open a search result, the window gets animated.

I tried using animate() with a transition but it uses a flip or curl effect. Not what I want.


— asked 5 years ago by John Johnson
  • can you post the code that you are using to

    — commented 5 years ago by Aaron Saunders

  • Thanks but I got it working by creating a navigation group and opening it like this: newWindow, { animated: true } );

    — commented 5 years ago by John Johnson

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