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Sample app advice

I am looking for a sample app that runs in the background and then pops up a screen based on different events ie at certain time or when user unlocks the device.

Not Able to Record Clips In Appcelerator Dashboard

Hi, I have downloaded the app on iPhone 5S today and I am able to view the app in appcelerator dashboard. When I started with recording of the clips the app is getting launched on the target; but, none of my input actions appear to be captured as...

ACS GCM messages stops being delivered

I have an app using ACS push notifications (in Development). Push notifications to iOS devices work as expected. On Android (GCM), I receive a couple of messages, then it stops delivering. I used the same payload testeach time. The ACS push log shows the...

Android : Custom slider padding

Hi all, I'm trying to implement a slider with __custom images__. It works pretty well for iOS, both simulator and physical devices (iPhone4 and iphone5). However, on Android, there is a kind of __internal padding__, resulting in the image elements being...

Rev mob

I got Rev mob to work in my app. Just not sure how to place the ad banner at the top. Default it shows is the bottom. How do I change this property?

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