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No "Uninstalling from:" path on Windows

I am trying to run an uninstall of Titanium Studio (3.0.1) on Windows 7. Regardless of whether I start the uninstall.exe program directly or try it from Control Panel, the second screen of the uninstall has a text field "Uninstalling from:" that...

uninstall database

i am using titanium to create a desktop application , i want to give the user choice on uninstalling my application if he wants to keep the database or delete it too , is there any way that allow me to do this ?

Re-Install Titanium Mobile SDK

I closed Titanium (on my Mac) and it crashed. Ever since then if I try to run ANY app on the iPhone simulator, it fails. I tried uninstalling Titanium and removed the settings from /Library/Application Support and yet when I reinstall Titanium, it never...

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