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average time

suppose i have 2 time 8:00 AM and 20:10 .how can i calculate the average time..plez help..its very urgent

TiDev Community 2.0 - Soon

TiDev 2.0 - Soon ---------------- I'm working on TiDev Community 2.0. It is being done from scratch. Completely reworked, very small, fast and easy to use. I will put some screens soon. So that is already usable, I will post a link to the source...

Convert Date string to Date

how can i convert dateString to date object my date string like this 2014-07-28 13:50:05.Stroring formatted data string in Db..ineed to confer it to date object how..plez help

iOS - Ti.UI.currentTab

I'm using Alloy 1.4.0, TiSDK 3.3.0. My app is a tab group. When I tried to use, Titanium gave an error saying Ti.UI.currentTab is undefined. Does anyone have the same issue? Is it a bug?

Multiple Local Notification

How can i set multiple LocalNotification using Ti.App.iOS.scheduleLocalNotification For example i need to set Local notification for daily 3 Times.How can i implement?

How to style controls

To be specific, I'd like to know how to make elements have same dimensions on different devices. For example: **index.tss** ~~~ ".box": { width: 210, height: 210, top: 20, left: 20 } ~~~ Dimensions and margins in the box class...

Select data from multiple classes

I'm currently working on getting data from What I want is to get data from more than 1 class. I'm testing in android platform. This is my current code now which will retrieve data from ONLY 1 class. ~~~ var parseURL =...

order by date

i am saving created date as TEXT in DB,.HOw can i display items from table order by date like SELECT * from seting order by date i more query like select * from setting where date=="" (condition here)..How can i implement in titanium plez...

Android APK Expansion Files

I have an app built for Android ready to go on the market place. The problem is on this app I have numerous videos that need to be in the application. I have looked on here for a solution regarding APK Expansion Files, yet I haven't came across anything....

Datatime from sqltite

want to reading a datetime value from a Sqlite database and assign it to datepicker control. and also need to set time in label like 12:53 am like In Table, reminderTime datatype id dateTime..its saving values like 12137880000 plez help

Javascript - Garbage Collection

I'm a bit confused here: 1. Global variable will stay in memory even if it will not be used anymore? For example, in app.js: ~~~ var foo = Ti.UI.createView(); //something else. the foo will never be used again. ~~~ So the variable foo and the view it...

CommonJS module

In my module there is a function that needs to be exposed and used internally. Here is what I do: ~~~ var foo = function(){}; //to expose = foo; //to use internally foo(); ~~~ or more simple: ~~~ //to expose =...

Problems after importing widget

I am trying to implement a facebook type slide menu. So i am making use of this [widget] ( . After i import my widget all works fine when i test it on an android tablet/ ios...

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