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Login Error

Hi All, Installed Titanium studio, but unable to login as its displaying error message. My issue is same as Please help me out

Cannot install Titanium SDK 4.1

When first installing appcelerator, I received a message that I need to perform required updates. I did so and it gave me the following error: "Installing Appcelerator Updates has encountered a problem. Error encountered during...

iOS Simulator HTTP Error

I am making a simple HTTP request and cannot get a response inside my app. (I can navigate to this page in Safari) I am using an iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3 and Titanium SDK 3.5.0. I have also loaded this same code onto a physical iPhone and it works fine. Does...

want to implement custom title bar

Hi I want to implement custom title bar,currently removed default title bar and now stucked in the middle of custom title bar implementation. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance

Removing old sdk's

Hi, How do I remove older sdk's from my installation that I'm not going to be using any more? I can't seem to find this. TIA, Gary

Can I use a secondary global styling like app.tss?

I would like to create another TSS file in addition to app.tss that is used globally. The reason for this is because my company has multiple apps that need to use the same style rules. I want to extend the app.tss global styling to include a secondary...

Rounded Images: Titanium

I want to show user images in rounded shape, I am using alloy framework for development what I have tried so far 1) Border radius: Using this I am able to convert image to rounded but the edges are blurred/pixelerated overlay a circular view, I am...

Titanium Forum

I have noticed some demand for a Titanium specific forum with the usual forum structure instead of the Q&A structure here at Appcelerator. So I have just launched a dedicated Titanium forum -...

Barcode 1.1 and 1D

Hi, I'm a Titanium indie developer and I was playing around with the Ti+ modules (to get some ideas for future apps). Does anyoneone know how to enable the 1D scanning with the barcode module? I tried generating all formats from here (and using my...

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