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QR Code

Hi there, When user scan a qr code with an application will take the event id from qr code, after that application will send a parameter to custom url. is there a possibilty ? Thanks

QR Code/ Bar Code Generator Reader.

I am looking for a mobile in JAVA Script which can generate QR code and read generated QR code. Any one had worked on similar module in Javascript? Want to use that with Titanium and other framework. Any hint to write this module purely in JS will be...

NFC vs QR codes

Can someone confirm... With a QR code i need to scan with an app to read the code. However any QR code app will read any QR code, displaying the information behind the QR code. With NFC however if i use an app to write to an NFC tag if other phones that...

New to Appcelerator, can it do this?

Hi everyone, I am considering Corona, PhoneGap and Appcelerator. I like corona, just they are not able to integrate to 3rd party API/web services. Wonder Appcelerator can do this? a) Bar code/QR Code scanning - is this built-in or can I call 3rd party...

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