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getting type of titanium UI objects

hello, i am trying to determine type of titanium UI objects. Basically i have multiple UI elements, like button, text field etc., added to window. Now i want to understand type of object when i iterate through getChildren method (basically distinguishing...

com.facebook.sdk error 5.

Hi Titanium Community, I am facing a strange issue i.e. I am posting a message on my friends wall through titanium app using POST method. First time it works fine but after that it returns an error message "The operation couldn't be completed....

Date format conversion

I am getting current date by using new Date() method but the format is like this 'Friday, March 21, 2014' but i want to get the date like in this format '21/03/2014'. Please help me out that how could i do this ? Thanks.

Problem with returning an array

Hi, I declared an array, then I put data inside and when I make an alerte I see the data I pushed. But when I return the array, it is empty, can someone tell me why ? ~~~ function createAnnotations() { var annoatationData = [];//<----- declaring my...

Date Library to use

Hi All I am developing an app that has a lot of date manipulations. I know Date.js can be used but are there any good libraries for this purpose that could be used in titanium project. Good to know thank you

Alloy Projects

I have downloaded Titanium awhile ago and I actually just started to work with Alloy projects. I have a strong background with HTML and CSS and it seems clear to me comparing to classic. Since I am still at learning style, can somebody tell me where can I...

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