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installation ANDROID SDK error

hi all, i have a error in INSTALLATION ERROR in android sdk in titanium studio . . once, the android sdk is going to end it will automatically cancel the installation of Android SDk.. please , suggest me , if, any possible to run a program in my...

install Titanium CLI

The Titanium Studio wants the CLI, but it's prompting me for my password in order to do a sudo and run an install. Is there a place where I can download the CLI and install it manually. There's no way I'm going to type my password into the Studio

Installation problem with JDK

Hi - I'm entirely new to Titanium and trying to install it for the first time on a Windows 8 machine. Having installed I get the following error when I try to run Titanium Studio for the first time - "A java runtime environment (jre) or java...

Failed to Install acs

Titanium Studio, build: OSX 10.9.3 Hey, I'm new to Titanium development and was hoping to get some help with an issue I'm getting h setting up the IDE. After downloading Titanium and opening up the IDE I am prompted to install updates...

Titainium android install problem

why will show ~~~ [ERROR] : JDK version 1.8.0 detected, but only version <=1.7.x is supported [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1 ~~~ but on my environment path I'm choosing 1.7

Setup Help

Good afternoon, I'm having some issues setting up Titanium on a Mac OSX (Mountain Lion) VM. I'm new to Titanium and Max OSX so bare with me. My issue is that when I open Titanium, it prompts me to install - Titanium CLI (required) - Version 3.2.3 ...

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