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Git Commit Disabled

I have been trying to commit/push for the last month or so, but the commit option in the Team menu is disabled. I also do a git status and it says that nothing has changed and I need to do a git add... I am the only one who contributes to this project...

Git Repositories

Quick Question - What is the consensus about creating git repositories. - Should one repository be created per app - or all apps live in one repository Thank you for your feed back and happy coding! Matt

How to import a git project

Hi Forum, I think I'm to stupid to check this... I'd like to import this project in Titanium Studio, latest version: I want to do this by clicking file - import -...

Working with git branches - How to compile different branch

I'm starting to use git to manage different versions of my app. Master branch is my release version and I have one branch (v1) for the next version. Inside this branch I'll do the developing but when there is a bugfix I want to merge it inside my master...

import project in titanium

Hi, i imported project from git in titanium. it was an alloy project, but the project created is not alloy even if there all necessary files (tiapp.xml, app, ressources...) the problem is cant deploy in device, run directly... how to make titanium...

Git Push Error

This may be a git error, but I can't seem to push my app to my github repository. I followed the titanium guide and did git init, and then commit, but when I try to push I get a few errors. I am using the terminal: ~~~ name-MacBook-Pro:Campus_Taps name$...

How to commit to online Git repository?

Project>Team>Commit - always commits to my local hard disk. How can I make it commit to an online repository. I have mine at the address

asked 3 years ago by Ryan popa
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Build Directory Git

I am using git / github to maintain my code. What directories can I delete because they are temp files or build files? I tried deleting build/iphone/build/ and things started to break. I am trying not to send 100megs each time I commit. Thanks.

How may I disable GIT?

I've never used GIT before and just downloaded the latest Kitchen Sink from GitHub, and somehow I think GIT has latched onto my other project. It added the text [ master*] next to my project name and now all of my project files appear in the App Explorer...

Starting with git

Hi. I'm pretty new to Titanium and have just developed my first app. I would like to use some sort of source code change control / version control. I'm guessing I should use git because it seems to be built into Titanium Studio. But I'm not exactly sure...

Cannot 'clean' project...GitHub related?

I am not able to do 'Project -> Clean' successfully. After it reaches about 15%, I get the below popup. I suspect this is related to the fact that I just started using a GitHub repo and downloaded the project from there (it worked at first). I have...

compile sdk from git

could anyone explain how to compile the latest code for titanium mobile found on git for osx 10.6? i need some of the latest fixes to be able to submit an app

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