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Changing default font

Hey Developers, I just got my custom font working, but now I want to have this font set on every label in my app. Is there a way to change the default font into my custom font or do I really have to set the fontFamily property for every single label in my...


Hi I am trying to implement custom fonts in Android. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have downloaded a google font called lobster. And have placed the ttf file inside a font folder which I have placed inside the android folder. I am using titanium...

Android Font Size Inconsistency

Hi, I have 2 android tablets by different companies both with DPIs of 213 and heights pretty similar (1205 vs 1216 - as reported by Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformHeight). My code for a given label looks...

Is it possible to strike-through a text?

I know this is a very stupid question, as the [Font](!/api/Font) object have no reference to this style, but... Why? It's not supported on any of the platforms? Or is it a limitation of Titanium?

passwordMask + custom font on Android

I cannot make TextField use custom font when passwordMask is set to true: ~~~ var passwordEntry = Ti.UI.createTextField({ font: {fontFamily:"Roboto-Light", fontSize:'16dp'}, hintText:'Password', passwordMask:true, }); ~~~ Is it some...

Android Blues! Font will not show

Hello all, I'm having the android blues! Been hitting my head against the keyboard for about 4 hours now, would have pulled my hair already if I had any. I've created a Titanium Alloy Widget that allows for easy use of FontAwesome, a free to use font...

Orientation changes WebView font size

Currently on the iPhone simulator: I have a simple WebView loading some simple HTML. Everything looks fine in portrait, but when I rotate the simulator to landscape, the text is suddenly much larger. Rotate it to landscape (reversed), the text is still...

Alloy Webview HTML Custom Font

Hi, I have been trying everything I can find in the Q&A and documentation but nothing works. I am trying to get a Custom Font to work in a HTML Webview in Alloy. Has anyone been able to get a Custom font to work in a Webview? If so please let me...

Label fonts

Hi, Im wondering how to use the font parameter, because i want to set a labels font to be something else then the default one. I have tried alot but dont seem to get it working. Any advice?

Change picker's fontSize in android.

Hi all, I want to change the picker's fontSize on android, I can change the height and width but cannot change the fontSize, so if the width is too small for the default fontSize, the text in shown like this (pic... instead of picker). Is there anyway to...

Compatible layout

I am implementing something like this: index.xml ~~~ <Alloy> <Window class="container"> <Label id="labelTest">Test Label</Label> </Window> </Alloy> ~~~ index.js ~~~ var screenWidth =...

Custom fonts in mobile web

I'm trying to figure out the best way to add custom fonts to mobile web, but I am having no luck. Below is my code. Any thoughts would be appreciated. ~~~ var headerText = Ti.UI.createLabel({ color: '#FFFFFF', text: 'MANUAL', font:{...

Alloy Android: Custom font not working

I'm trying to include the following font inside my android project: I've put it inside app/assets and have the following test app: Tss: ~~~ "Label":{ font:{ fontFamily:"DJ Gross" } } ~~~ I've...


How to insert custom fonts for android. I am using 3.1.3.GA sdk and 2.3.4 Android emulator. In docs they mentioned to place it in resource folder but there is no resources folder. Am using Alloys structure.

Best way to Style fonts etc...

What is the best way to style your text objects in your app? I read about jss, also see bad things, does it work or is there a better alternative over properties per object? Thanks

Sepcifying font for entire app

Hello, How can I specify my font to be Duru Sans & Muli for the entire app. i dont want for every label i create to specify font..just want default quickly be Duru Sans & Muli thank you

how to set font in .tss file

i have tried this but it did not work "#lbl":{ textAlign:'right', bottom:'75', color:'#fff', font:'{ fontSize:24,fontWeigth:bold }' }


hai all how can i make font to set into any screen (compatibly) in titanium

Kerning of a font

Hi, does someone know if it is possible to change the kerning of a font that i use in a label? /Magnus

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