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Hi all, I know that is not really in this forum, but I need your feedback: ================================================== I'm using the **REST API** for titanium and try sending notifications sent from a Java process with the following code: URL url...

about MVC framework

i am new and junior, and confused. Is there any ref or guideline to define how to code in MVC? eg: should "function" belongs to controller? What is the role of "module" under MVC? Thx and cheers

Experienced Titanium developer needed!

Hi We're looking for an experienced Titanium developer to help us with an ISO application. The application was built about 2yrs ago and we now face the challenge of compiling it for IOS8. It will most likely need to be build with an old version of the...

Titanium Android Keystore Signing issue

I am working on android app when I sign it with a keystore it gives me following warning. **The selected alias "XXXX" uses the "SHA256withRSA" signature algorithm which will likely have issues with Android 4.3 and older. Certificates...

Online Dokumentation Offline?

Hi, When I try to access the online Documentation at or any of its subdomains, I just get a spinning gear Symbol, but nothing else happens. Does Anyone else have this Problem? I am using google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.110 m...

TCE Certification

I have completed TCD and TCMD certificate. Is TCE certificate different from TCMD, should I take up this certification.

Error on upload ipa

now i am trying to upload ipa to apple store from application loader and it give me this bug ~~~ Package Summary: 1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems: /var/folders/p3/jwqtqm59287frmv5w0tbz3140000gn/T/845093030.itmsp - Error...

Android Module Developer Needed

I'm looking for an Android Developer. I have a iOS Titanium App made that should be completed as a Android App. Who is intrested to do this for me?

TiDev Community 2.0 - Soon

TiDev 2.0 - Soon ---------------- I'm working on TiDev Community 2.0. It is being done from scratch. Completely reworked, very small, fast and easy to use. I will put some screens soon. So that is already usable, I will post a link to the source...

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