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TCE Certification

I have completed TCD and TCMD certificate. Is TCE certificate different from TCMD, should I take up this certification.

Error on upload ipa

now i am trying to upload ipa to apple store from application loader and it give me this bug ~~~ Package Summary: 1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems: /var/folders/p3/jwqtqm59287frmv5w0tbz3140000gn/T/845093030.itmsp - Error...

Android Module Developer Needed

I'm looking for an Android Developer. I have a iOS Titanium App made that should be completed as a Android App. Who is intrested to do this for me?

TiDev Community 2.0 - Soon

TiDev 2.0 - Soon ---------------- I'm working on TiDev Community 2.0. It is being done from scratch. Completely reworked, very small, fast and easy to use. I will put some screens soon. So that is already usable, I will post a link to the source...

Error: EPERM, operation not permitted 'C:\Users\famil_000\Dropbox\TI_APP\Biblioteca\build\android\bin\Biblioteca.apkz'

Hi, i unable to test my app on device, i have tried everything: i restart my pc, phone, the TI studio, i install all the android sdk but nothing. Can anyone help me. Here is the log console output. [INFO] : Generating i18n files [INFO] : Generating...

Tizen Developer Needed

I'm in need of a talented developer with experience on **Tizen** to help my company with a very specific and particular task. We need the **Samsung Gear Smartwatch 2.0** camera to record videos that are mirrored and viewed real time on a **Samsung Galaxy...

Console for application output in Mac 10.9

Hi, I am a C++-developer(Windows). Our Appliction for Mac provides some ouputs, which i can see in Mac 10.7 cosole as example. But not in the Mac-10.9 console. Can you help me please. thanks, Sasan

Android version for my app

I have developed an app by titanium appcelerator using the regular way not Alloy, the app is working fine on iPhone but not on Android, I need to fix the app to work on Android, the app is very simple just windows calling webservices through JSON also the...


Hi all, I know that is not really in this forum, but I need your feedback: ================================================== I'm using the **REST API** for titanium and try sending notifications sent from a Java process with the following code: URL url...

Stickers in app like Viber

Hi. I have a question that is not really an Appcelerator question but i give it a try. Can we have Stickers in our chat apps like in Viber and if so where do i set up the stickers that i want to sell in app? Google and iOS? Thanx.

Looking for iOS module developer (adjust SDK)

Hi, I am looking for an iOS developer who can make a native module based on this advertising SDK: []( There is already a Cordova (Phonegap) SDK but Titanium is still missing. Talked to...

Windows 8 mobile support

Any updates regarding windows 8 mobile support ? any idea regarding windows 8 road map and when will it be available , is there a beta version i can use ? Thanks,

Multi-Platform developer options

I think I already know the answer to this question, but... As multi-platform developers, we are confronted with the burden of owning several platforms to support the products we develop Already reluctant to drop several hundred on an iPhone, I just found...

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