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TCPSocket read, write

Hello I am currently testing the development of a desktop application. I need to interact with a server through a TCP socket, which, for my test setup, instantly communicates back data contents transmitted by the client (the client being unique). Client...

Titanium Desktop Deploy embedding

I would like to know if it's possible to "embedded" all source file (.html, .js .css etc) into a unique package file to avoid final user to tamper o modify original application. At the moment on Titanium Desktop all files can be modified by end...

Can't login - the login server returned an error

I can't login when launching the latest version of Titanium Studio (just downloaded it for the first time), I also can't create an account through the Studio (I was just testing it). For some reason the Internet is not working through it..what would be...

TiDeSDK application development

Hello, I have installed TiDeSDK and ran few sample desktop applications available on Git. If I want to develop my own desktop app, where to start ? I don't find any editor to write the code. Where to write the code and how to use different widgets for...

Pdf in Desktop application

Is there an easy way to display a (local) pdf within an titanium application? I tried it via iframe providing the file path as file:///... That did not work. Any suggestions? Cheers Rob

prevent public link

Hi is there a way to prevent creation of a 'public link' when packaging in the free version? We would like to keep some versions of the software private but the Developer program automatically creates a profile with download links for each...

Bluetooth support

Is there any way to use bluetooth communication between mobile app (android & iphone) and a desktop app with Titanium or with any third part (free) module? Thanks you!

desktop application

I remember seeing earlier that Titanium could export desktop application for windows and mac. Is that not the case now? I need to export for mainly Windows and then Mac- please guide..

Desktop removeEventListener not working

I have an app which uses event listeners to receive events inside an iframe from the outer window, and every time a page is browsed to, a new event listener is added, which causes a huge backup after a while of the same event firing over and over. Since...

TideSDK development

Hi, folks ,I m developing mobile application for ios and android , I m using Ti 3.0.1 sdk .and now I want to build desktop application using TideSDK.Can I use mobile Js file. for desktop . is it enough I change CSS it must be same application but its...

MenuBar Applications

Hello All, I was wondering if it is possible to create an application in Titanium Desktop that just displays only in the menubar in OS X and is accessed by clicking on an icon? Thank you for your time, Joshua

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