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Delete App from iPhone

Hey guys, i got a little problem here. After uninstalling the App from my iPhone there is something left behind. Is there a way, to delete the App all presets, data and whatever the app set in my iphone without setting my iphone back to default? thanks!

Reset primary key

Application type: mobile Titanium SDK: 3.2.3 Platform & version: iOS 7 Device: iOS simulator Host Operating System: OSX 10.9.3 Hi guys, i have this simple code related to sqlite database. Firstly, i have 'id' column as primary key with...

Listview - delete section and item

Hi I have created one listview in which there are multiple sections and each section contains multiple items. Ex : - 1) section Fruit - apple,banana,etc items 2) section Vegetables - Carrots,Potatoes.. etc items `listViewAttendeeList` is my...

Delete custom object from cloud

Hi I've been trying to delete a custom object from the cloud (!/api/CustomObjects-method-delete) but every time I got the following error: Iligal object id format can anyone post a working example of how to...

Delete mode

Anyone know if you can listen to "delete mode", when the little delete button on the left is clicked? iOS7 /Jonni

Delete row in a TableView

I want to delete a row with a button in it. I have the following code: ~~~ depAgregarButton.addEventListener('click', function(e){ dataBase('insert', depNamesField.value ); var databaseObj = new dataBase('query', null), data =...

TableView delete (row) indexing issues

Context: email application with "unread" images in leftImage, with several labels added to row Setting (row)rowData[e.index].leftImage = '' clears icon successfully while table is unchanged. After a a row is deleted, the new row at that index...

Strange behavier of editing text?

Hey, if i wanna edit my field like so: Enter a word and edit ONE LETTER in this word... So i jump to th position of the letter and hit "delete". the letter is deleted but the "editcursor" jumps to the end of the word... ? Seems very...

application management

How can I delete an app that's on MyApp section on APpcelerator site? Also how can I delete apps from Android emulator in the PC?

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