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More than 2 buttons on titlebar?

I know there is setLeftNavButton and setRightNavButton to add buttons to a title bar. What if I want additional buttons in the title bar (a third title bar button apart from the right and the left nav button)? How do I do that for iPad?

Position BackGround Image

I have troubles with the position of the background image, because I can not position it in the center .... and occupies the entire width of the button ~~~ loginButton = Ti.UI.createButton({// Button login width:width, height:height, ...

Use native buttons

Hello, this is my first post in Titanium community and i'm so exciting with all of this! My doubt here is, can i use a native button in my app for iPhone or Android? For example, i would like to use the dial button from iPhone, is this possible?

Button click style :onclick tss

Sorry, I know its a simple question, but i've been wasting my time trying to find a answer for this. Is there a way to set a color for a button on click so the user has a feedback on if he actually pressed the button or not ? I know its possible to...

access model on the click of button

Hi All, I am developing an ios app using alloy framework 1.3.0. For that i m using titanium 3.2.0 sdk and testing the app on simulator. I have 2 views and in 1st view i have a button on the click of which i am going to open view2. But on the same time i...

Buttons - Larger than Image

Hi All This is just a question if possible. See I have created this native app which has buttons, and in xcode, a button can have a image set on either: image - property to set image Background - property to set image, but scales to fit So we have set...

Add button in navbar (ios7)

Hi all, I'm using SDK 3.2.1 on iOS7; i'd like add a button on navbar. This is my code: ~~~ Ti.UI.currentWindow.setRightNavButton(menubutton); ~~~ This worked perfectly with SDK 1.x.x; what's the new correct way?

Unable able to edit button left and width in JS

Hi, I have a button in my xml as: ~~~ <View class="topButtonRow"> <Button id="buttonTop" backgroundImage="small.png" onClick="openWheel" /> </View> ~~~ Then in my js I...

asked 3 months ago by P S
last activity 3 months ago

Button Title New Line

Hello, How do i insert a new line for my button i.e. I have the following: ~~~ <Button id="buttonTop" title="Some long piece of text I want split" width="140px" height="100px" /> ~~~ Thanks

asked 3 months ago by P S
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button with label and icon

I am trying to build a button with an icon logo and with a label my project is only for ipad icon and button are shown properly but not the label ~~~ var iconImg = Ti.UI.createImageView({ image : 'icon.jpg', top: 0, width:30,...

Skip Button for iPhone

I have a few statements in an array and I'd like to cycle through them with a skip button. I've added an event listener to the button but it only seems to effect the button and not my statements. Here's the code example: ~~~ //Label for Statement var...

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