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Avoid Title Bar

In top of my application shows the icon and name of aplication. url: i've been tried remove using: principal Win ~~~ var curWin = Ti.UI.createWindow({ backgroundColor :...

Appcelerator 3.1.2 API for IntelliJ WebStorm using jsca2js

Has anyone been able to convert the latest Appcelerator API to .js using the jsca3js converter? I am a big fan of IntelliJ and use WebStorm for coding my Appcelerator projects, but have had no luck running the conversion on the lastest API. The last API...

Titanium Integration Partner

Hello, We want to become an Appcelerator Integration Partner but we don't seem to find a person to speak to. We meet the requirements, we have 2 developers with TCD and TCE certifications, my boss tried to contact Appcelerator by phone and email but...

Crash App

When i test my app in my emulator (genymotion), when i fired an action in a button it crash and throw me a message: ~~~ [INFO] : libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000024 (code=1), thread 1245 (KrollRuntimeThr) ~~~

Alert Dialog with an Image

Id like to create an alert dialog after a user selects an image from the photo gallery so that the user can confirm the image they want to use. Is there a way to add an image to a popup dialog for iOS. This is what I have now but I haven't found a way to...

Photo of profle

Hi, I doing a profile module but I have a problem: When I select a photo from photo Gallery and I send to a imageView, this process is correct but when I close my app and I open of new don't has the image I select before Any idea of how save this image?

Push Notification -Android

hai, Anyone can help me to create Simple Push Notification App For android(step-by-step) in Appcelerator Titanium because, I am New to this platform.if there is common for Android and Iphone or We have to create/implement Separate code for both Os.

Push Notification

Hai Friends, My Question may Be silly sorry if it is.If we Develop app for Push notification in Titanium We can use for IOS AND Android or we need To Write separate code for both(IOS,ANdroid).if Anyone knows Kindly Reply me.Thank u

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