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Can't start new app - "Unexpected token W"

Hi, I have installed the appcelerator CLI, and if I run 'npm appcelerator -v' it says the installed version number is 1.4.28. I then try to start a new app with 'appc new' (I have also tried 'appcelerator new'), fill in the details asked for but then I...

Scale in the array

Hello, I need help. This is my code ~~~ var size = Ti.App.globalSize; var widthSize; if (size == 3){ widthSize = '30%'; }else if (size == 4){ widthSize = '23%'; }else if (size == 5){ widthSize = '19%'; } var J = []; for (var i = 0; i < size; i++)...

Setting timeout for ACS API call

How can I set timeout for an ACS API call, so that if network is not strong enough, the app don't hang. Following is my code. ~~~ Cloud.Objects.query({ classname: 'MyScores', page: 2, per_page: 5, }, function (e)...

Plaform 4.0 Login

I have been using Appcelerator for 6 months. Cannot login to appcelertor (platform Login). It says that I have to contact my administrator..Who is that??? I requested the invite and send support request but no reply..anyone else has this issue?

Native Navigation Bar Opacity

I created a slide menu window, which when the user clicks the left navigation button then the menu slides and i add a view on top of the window with opacity 0.5. The problem is that the view doesn't cover the navigation bar, so the user can still use the ...

Email not getting sent from ACS

I am using ACS to send a forgotten password email. When I run this code: ~~~ this.config.Cloud.Users.requestResetPassword({ email : usersEmail, template : "forgot_password" } ~~~ I get a successful return...

Image color of Button

I created a button and specified an image for it. For a reason, the color of the image, is more intense and different from the actual image. I don't have any other property related to color. Is that normal ? I am using appcelerator classic

iOS Drop down menu

Hello, I am trying to make a drop down menu. I tried with picker, but is showing a spinner instead. Is there any UI object that i can use for this ? I am using Titanium Appcelerator Classic. Thanks, Alex

Chinese Guide

A chinese guide. Please pull request, commit issue or start it.

Linked In API

Hi All, Is there any LinkedIn API available for Titanium to fetch/authenticate user to Login/Join into my app. Application type: mobile Titanium SDK: 3.4.0.GA Platform & version: iOS x.x, Android x.x Device: iOS simulator, Android emulator or...

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