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Email not getting sent from ACS

I am using ACS to send a forgotten password email. When I run this code: ~~~ this.config.Cloud.Users.requestResetPassword({ email : usersEmail, template : "forgot_password" } ~~~ I get a successful return...

Image color of Button

I created a button and specified an image for it. For a reason, the color of the image, is more intense and different from the actual image. I don't have any other property related to color. Is that normal ? I am using appcelerator classic

iOS Drop down menu

Hello, I am trying to make a drop down menu. I tried with picker, but is showing a spinner instead. Is there any UI object that i can use for this ? I am using Titanium Appcelerator Classic. Thanks, Alex

Chinese Guide

A chinese guide. Please pull request, commit issue or start it.

Linked In API

Hi All, Is there any LinkedIn API available for Titanium to fetch/authenticate user to Login/Join into my app. Application type: mobile Titanium SDK: 3.4.0.GA Platform & version: iOS x.x, Android x.x Device: iOS simulator, Android emulator or...

Error to submit to IOS app store

When I click submit the apps on xcode(organizer -Archives) It say it has a error itms-90022 - missing required icon file . The bundle does not contain an app icon for iphone/Ipod touch of exactly '120X120' pixels,in .pngformat for IOS version >=7.0 But...

Titanium closes on startup

When I try to launch appcelerator in Ubuntu it crashs and give no error. Here is the content of the log file: [Log]( Thanks in advance. Ps.: I posted the content of the file in a external because I thought the post would be...

Unable to view result

Hi I have a php file which returns JSON data. I am unable to view the data in my app. The following is my code ~~~ var window = Ti.UI.currentWindow; var xhr = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient({ onload: function() { var gpn =...

Troubles with Windows 7

im having little problems at the moment i install latest version titanium in windows 7. i've been tried re-installing version jdk buts not working. im the only one?

TableView refresh

Hi , Developers. I am going to refresh tableview after a certain action. I remove all the rows and added refreshed rows to it. But on my android Phone , it seems very slow. Rows disappear one by one and added one by one by my sight. Please help me. Regards.

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