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Push Notification -Android

hai, Anyone can help me to create Simple Push Notification App For android(step-by-step) in Appcelerator Titanium because, I am New to this platform.if there is common for Android and Iphone or We have to create/implement Separate code for both Os.

Push Notification

Hai Friends, My Question may Be silly sorry if it is.If we Develop app for Push notification in Titanium We can use for IOS AND Android or we need To Write separate code for both(IOS,ANdroid).if Anyone knows Kindly Reply me.Thank u

Photo of profle

Hi, I doing a profile module but I have a problem: When I select a photo from photo Gallery and I send to a imageView, this process is correct but when I close my app and I open of new don't has the image I select before Any idea of how save this image?

Badge icon in tab is not changing

Hi everyone!, hope someone could help me, I've the following problem with Alloy: I'm trying to refresh my badge counter for a tab_2 when an element is clicked in tab_1. app/controllers/tab_1.js ~~~ $.myElement.addEventListener('click', function() { ...

Build Error

i am trying to run the appcelerator module project on eclipse for developing android module ,on running the build.xml through ant i get the following error BUILD FAILED C:\AppData\Roaming\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\3.2.3.GA\module\android\build.xml:228:...

native module build failed

I am trying to run the appcelerator code in eclipse for generating the android module ,on running the BUILD.xml i get the following error BUILD FAILED C:\AppData\Roaming\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\3.2.3.GA\module\android\build.xml:228: srcdir...

Titanium.Media.openPhotoGallery problem ?

Hello I've made test application to add multi pictures above each others my problem started after Titanium.Media.openPhotoGallery success and bring the image so when i create first imageView and append it dynamically to the screen its working...

Titanium-Problem with Event Listener

Problem Statement I am working on a module which have a array of textfields which are located next to each other,as soon as user types a single character the focus moves to other textfield and so on till we reach end of textfield array.Problem pops up when...

ti.draggable hide/shw parent issue ?

Hello I've problem with "ti.draggable" , when i drag the child any where inside the parent then i hide the parent to re-show it again the child become at the center of the parent ,i mean it lose the x and y of last drag inside the parent if the...

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