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ACS admin user

It appears that the Appcelerator guys have just recently introduced an admin user concept in ACS, making it possible to change custom objects that the admin may not be the owner of. Apart from that, there's not a lot of documentation about the admin role...

Share app with fellow devleoper

I have an app and want to share its development with another developer, so he can have admin privileges and obviously also see this app on his "My Apps" location. How to do that? Thanks

"sudo rm -rf /" alike

I had a bunch of places inserted to test my app. I wish to delete all places that got no latitutde and longitude and are showing it as "0.0" on ACS manager. So I did: ~~~ curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -X DELETE -F...

Setting ACS user privileges

Is it possible to assign user privileges in ACS? When looking into the details of a created user in the App Management Console, there is a field "admin" set to "false". Is it possible to set it to "true". I tried...

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