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Lack of incoming call event

The question of detecting incoming calls has come up several times on this forum, the current received wisdom being that as Apple doesn't have one so Appcelerator can't. The Appcelerator documentation for Streaming Audio at...

iOS: PDFs in WebView

When I load a PDF in regular ole safari mobile, the hyper links in the PDF work. When I load a PDF in a WebView, I cannot click the hyper links anymore. Any idea how to make them work? `TouchEnabled` is `true`

How to develop iOS in a PC?

"Also to note: while it is technically possible to develop Titanium JavaScript applications on a Windows PC (...)" This phrase is on the documentation but it doesn't explain how to do it. Is there any tutorial?

"hello world" fail

When I run the "hello world" the error occurred os:win7 64bit jdk 1.6.0_23 32bit python 2.y ruby:ruby 1.9.2p180 (2011-02-18) [i386-mingw32] android sdk:2.2 titanium sdk:1.7.5 message: [DEBUG] detected module ui, path =...

Modules expiry

Hi, I downloaded the sms module (one of Titanium+ modules) that is available for Indie price plan and used in an Application. Will the application users be able to use the app and the sms functions if I don't pay the subscription? will the module expire?

How to Center content in a scroll view?

Hi all, Simple question hopefully. I have a button in a scroll view and I'd like the button to automatically be centered horizontally. How do I do this? This is my code. The button is currently left aligning inside the scroll. Much...

geolocation app

hi every body i'm developing app of geolocation and i need a function to calculate distance between points on the map so every one can give me some piece of code please help i'm really stuck thanks.

Deploying Ti app on Windows

I have developed a simple HelloWorld app on Windows (32-bit). To run the app on another PC I copied the dist folder to the other PC. When I tried to run the .exe on the other PC, I got "incorrect configuration" error. I noticed the app depended...

Titanium Mobile Project

I am trying to create a new "Titanium Mobile Project". But it is asking me to configure SDKs for "Andriod" and "Black Berry". From where I can get these and are these free ?

Desktop App Updates

Hello, I've been looking through the forums and google for a way to push updates for a desktop application. I found some code but not sure exactly how it works. Do i use the startMonitor function along with this? ~~~ Titanium.UpdateManager.onupdate...

screen size problems

Hi, I created one sample application..when i change the orientations the positions of the views are changing ...plz tell me how to set positions for orientations also check it for the different screen sizes.. here is my code

Unable setup titanium studio on windows7 32-bit Machine

I installed studio on my machine and unable to creat a new project. while configuring sdk's i choose android sdk path it says android sdk could not find at the given path. Can any one help me on this? i gone through the forum and tried some options but...

Problem with Custom Module for OCR?

I created a module for OCR.In this module my method name is OCRTest(). I am using Tesseract Ocr engine and J4l OCR wrapper. my module code: package org.appcelerator.ocr; import org.appcelerator.kroll.KrollModule; import...

Camera not working , throwing exception

hi everybody, i m using camera in my application. It is opening camera on emulator but when i click on camera to save a picture it gives an exception and application force closes itself. here's the log which comes after clicking : ~~~ 07-06 15:26:00.999:...

OCR in Titanium Android App

I want to use OCR in Titanium Android application. In my application, user can click picture and then data should be read using OCR. Please let me know the best option to do so.

gps is not working

The code i am writing for the geolocation is same as given in the kitchen sink example. But i can not get the output on my android phone. Can any buddy help me??

interrupt outgoing call

I want to create an app which interrupts the outgoing call and asks if user really wants to call this number. If user wishes, he can call or else he comes to App. So, is it possible with titanium mobile?

HTML5 support in Titanium

Hi, I'm looking for support of three HTML5 features and I'm wondering if they are supported in Titanium. If not is there a plan for implementing these features? I have checked the documentation and there is mention of certain HTML5 features but not the...

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