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Vimeo advanced api in Titanium

Is there any library/module to use the advanced api of Vimeo in Titanium? I am trying to use [this module of node.js]( because of it is made in Javascript. I have copied the content of the directory .lib in [Titanium...

Any who know others ADS companies than Admob?

After I got 20,000 clicks and earned some money Admob closed my account without saying anything or garanty I will get my money earned with my app. So I ask if there are others companies to use or try who are more serious with their method?

iTunes 11.2.1 breaks sync

Hi, after updating today to iTunes 11.2.1 i cannot sync from Titanium to iTunes anymore. He say there is not enough memory... (I tried restart etc.) I think Apple has changed something there.

Android Map Module error

hi i have errors with module on android ( it worked since last sdk) now i have this error.. ~~~ W/System.err( 4594): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: W/System.err( 4594): at...

Override mobile back button.

Hi, I am using a form. After submitting the form when I click the back button, it is coming to the form again. I don't want to come to the form clicking back button after submission. Please help how to override the back button in android mobiles.

Viewing Columns Alloy

How do I view the model's "column" fields in actual columns. Is TableView the best way to do this? Title's Text Item's Text I've tried adding the TableViewSection tags with layout="horizontal" but I can't see the item or details...

Draw route in map.

I want to draw a route in map, But the start and end locations are same. It is like round in shape. For example this app for car race game. we have to show the laps. The laps have start and end points are same,So we have to show the route as round in...

How to add Menu to tabGroup ?

I have upgraded one of my apps to 3.2.3, im trying to make the menu button work on a window which is a part of the tabGroup. i have read the api docs and noticed that i have to use a tabGroup activity to make this work since 3.0. how can i do this? i...

RSS feeds not loading

Hello, I have a little bug with the RSS sample from : [Link from github]( It work fine and I just want to change the RSS feed with mine : [My RSS...

Augmented reality geo - location checking

Hi all, i have the following doubts. 1 )Is it possible to use Augmented reality in appcelerator without using any thirdparty add on ? 2) I need to store a location of a place while using the camera(AR) and then later when the user reaches near to that...

Iphone APP running on an iPad

I have an iphone only app that when running on an ipad (ie in small x1 or x2 mode) does not pull through ANY images at all. when running it through the simulator it pulls through the images, but then that is the simulator. has anyone had any experience...

Alloy problems

Getting anything to run on Alloy seems to be an issue. I've even reinstalled Studio. For instance, if I copy paste the code for a ButtonBar directly into a fresh project's xml file, delete all of index.js except $;, and delete all tss, it will...

asked 5 months ago by R Fowler
last activity 5 months ago

Android black screen after 2nd launch

I'm developing app on Ti+Alloy. Everything is working fine, after installation app is working well. But after some time, on the next launch of application the black screen is appear and after minute there is alert "application not responding, close...

Create a VPN app

Hello everyone, I have a question, I hope can u help me :) I want to create a my own VPN app with Ti. How can I import the APIs of VPN in my app??

ACS Down?

Any ideas when they will be back online. Its weird somethings work...and other don't??

Creating a Static Variable

I'm planning to set a fixed variable in order to organize the control flow of the mobile app program. Here's what I did: at the first controller Javascript file (*Con1.js)*, I made it like this, for example: ~~~ static var value = 999; static var...

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