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Sliding between pages .

i have application with 6 pages and i want to switch between the pages by sliding left right top button the are idea for how to make that using android or ios . Thanks for support .

FooterView to scrollView

~~~ var restuarntContainer = Titanium.UI.createScrollView({ width : Ti.UI.SIZE, height : Ti.UI.FILL, contentWidth : Ti.UI.SIZE, contentHeight : Ti.UI.SIZE, showVerticalScrollIndicator : true, showHorizontalScrollIndicator : false, top :...

No longer able to emulate Android

In the past two weeks I have not been able to emulate Android, previously I could. New apps, old apps, example apps are all the same. I have uninstalled all components of Titanium including, Titanium studio, Java, Node, Android studio and sdk's and...

Appcelerator no longer free??

With the new Appcelerator 4.0 (post-Titanium), I was informed that I could get on the "Indie Plan" which is 1 seat for 1 developer, and it continues to be free for my personal use. 2 weeks ago I was able to Package/Distribute my app to Apple for...

High resolution photo can not show

Hi Folks, I have use one lib to run camera function for capturing photo and then showing as one view background image on android device but failed Through debugging i found when Titanium try to show the image on the device it raised one...

Can not get a server response error

I am running my app, but afrer sometimes, every now and then I get the error "Can not get server response, even though the internet is working. Below is the code to check the internet connection which I have. ~~~ if (Titanium.Network.networkType !=...

Upgrading error

HI, I am using window 8 with Appcelarator 4.0 I was upgrading CLI but it failed with this error: Appcelerator CLI is currently installing or upgrading. Please wait until it has finished and retry your command afterwards. How to solve this problem? Pls...

APPC-Studio: How can I deploy with indi plan?

Hi coders, since today I will moved from Titanium studio to Appcelerator studio, because I have registered my project in the new studio a couple of weeks ago. Now I want to deploy and this text appears: *The Platform is free to use for as long as you...

There should clean feathers enclosed areas?

[bolanet]( There is no scientific evidence to prove that whether or not to remove hair from the genital area. It does not do girlfriends cleaner. Therefore, you can decide to either eliminate them depends on your...

Problem with Microsoft OneNote

Hello. I can't uninstall MS OneNote from my computer. It's corrupted in some way and I can't reinstall it over itself without uninstalling it first. But in the Add/Remove applet there is no button to do this under its entry.

Badge on Android

Hello, i saw badges on apps on a non modified Samsung galaxy s6 edge. My App does receive pushes but no badge is coming up at the appicon on the galaxy. Do i have to place a special parameter in push notification? Can anybody help? Thanks!

appcelator studio

titanium studio will be retired in favor of accelerator studio from 30 june means what? installed titanium studio will crashed or what?

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