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Can't install Titanium CLI and Alloy

Hi there, I've just updated Titanium to SDK 3.0, but something goes wrong. First, NodeJS couldn't be installed, so I've set the right path in the settings. (same NodeJS version was already installed and executable). When I want to install Titanium CLI...

Changing the interval of HTTPClient.ondatastream

Anyone knows how to set the interval, or how the built-in interval works, for `HTTPClient.ondatastream`? I'm downloading a file and for this example, I'd like to get a progress update (to set a ProgressBar) every 1 second. Anyone knows how to do it?

Get Facebook Email Adress

Hello everyone, I am building a iOS application with Titanium Studio SDK build: 2.1.4 GA. Using Mac OS X 10.7.5, now onto the problem. I am currently trying to get a Facebook Email Address from a logged in user, I have the following...

Reach Parent Object From Child Object

Hi Titaniums .. i have a group of buttons in scrollableView and i wanna made a changes on the all buttons when one of them clicked .. number of buttons not static .. this is my code .. (buttons == radio buttons ) ~~~ function...

compatibily of app for ios3

Hi, Did apple recommand us to developp only for ios4 and newer or should we continue developp for old ios (3 for example ?) where we can find these recomandations ? thanks

JSON parsing & tableview issues

Hi, I am trying to create a videowall in my app (Titanium SDK 2.1.4.) for Android and iPhone. The issue is that when I scroll down the table either the data does not load & none of videos play or the app crashes. Please help, I really cant find a way...

Using beta Alloy in apps

I've taken a look at Alloy and I really like it. However I also read it is still in beta. I got some questions regarding the beta status: - Is it stable enough to use for developing iOS and Android apps on Windows? - Would you recommend Alloy or the...

Application Installer abnormal process termination(android)

My iphone projects run fine but while running android projects (mobile sdk 2.1.1,2.1.2,2.1.3GA checked all) . I have tried clean builds ,also replaced titanium sdk build 2.1.3 from [appcelerator builds](

iOS Simulator Exiting automatically

Hi, Whenever i try to execute my iOS project in Simulator, the simulator is getting exited automatically. That too only in: - iOS SDK - 6.0 - Simulator SDK - 6.0 - Ti SDK - ALL version including 3.0.0.GA - Ti Studio Version -3.0.0+ And following is...

Titanium to Eclipse

Hello everyone, i just developed an application using Titanium. Now i want to run it on eclipse and want to make some changes there. Can anybody tell me how can i run this app on eclipse. thanks

Blackberry OS 6 Lower versions Cookie value is Null

Hi am trying to retrieve cooki information using getcookiMangaer Api..its wrking fine wit Blackberry os 6 n higher versions.. String cookie = browserField.getCookieManager().getCookie(loginURL); but in OS 6 lower versions Cookie value is null..

SDK 3 Issues

Aside of the fact that I no longer can compile my project to Android emulator since upgrading to version 3 of titanium sdk, on iOS simulator I now get this error/warning : "ActiveTab property points to tab not in list. Ignoring". I did a trace...

no such table

I use sqlite in my app. It works fine on iphone/ipad and nexus. but it fails on samsung 2.1. It complains uncaught Error: no such table: tablename:, while compiling:select * from tablename where .... Any idea? Thanks

image = null for imageView

Hi, i have a scrollView which displays 500 photos...i want to load only visible imageViews and unload invisible photos in scrollView scroll event... so i was thinking about putting imageView.image = null when the imageView is not visible and set the...

running application in background

hi, im uploading photos from my app. when i close the app (but still running in background)...the upload timed out... it is executed on ios6. normally it should continue ? thanks.

Twitter Oauth

Hi, long time ago was [this Q&A]( the solution. Now in iOS is this native twitter account. Is it possible to use it? Rainer

Android App - Button to other page

Application type: mobile Titanium SDK: 2.1.4.GA Platform & version: Android 2.x Device: Android Samsung Galaxy S3 Host Operating System: Windows 7 Titanium Studio: Titanium Studio, build: (c) Copyright 2012 by Appcelerator, Inc....

cloud services

Hi, I have a lot of projetcs in my cloud services (about 30 applications). many of them are droped on my computer but are still displayed in cloud services and i want to keep only active projects....(i have only 5 projects) thanks..

timeout when upload photo

Hi, im uploading a photo. i have this error (timout) : but the photo is uploaded !! how is that possible ? so how can i check that the photo was uploaded even if i have errors... thanks

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