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Email not getting sent from ACS

I am using ACS to send a forgotten password email. When I run this code: ~~~ this.config.Cloud.Users.requestResetPassword({ email : usersEmail, template : "forgot_password" } ~~~ I get a successful return...

Scrolling Tab Strip

Hi, Before I reinvent the wheel I wanted to see if anyone knew of a widget/component that does what I'm looking for. Basically, I need a cross platform (android/iOS), horizontally scrollable tab strip. Each "tab" is basically just a formatted...

Problem with Titanium.App.accessibilityEnabled

Hi, Does anyone can confirm that Titanium.App.accessibilityEnabled is working fine on iOS Simulator? I tested this code ~~~ if (Titanium.App.accessibilityEnabled) Ti.API.log('Enabled'); else Ti.API.log('Disabled'); ~~~ Then i enabled / disabled the...

Custom font in iOS

Hi nerds, I know it is a well know question. But anyway. In a folder 'fonts' (under Resources) is this **DIN1451W01-Engschrift.ttf** living: ![]( Sometimes I see the right font in other times the system font. It doesn't...

Image color of Button

I created a button and specified an image for it. For a reason, the color of the image, is more intense and different from the actual image. I don't have any other property related to color. Is that normal ? I am using appcelerator classic

Best way to stack images, swap them using JS

I'm using Titanium Studio to do cross-platform development. I need to show a single very tall image that's made up of slices of smaller images. The user needs to be able to scroll along the height of the composite image (width is fixed to `Ti.UI.SIZE`)....

Problem to start titanium studio

Hi! I have just installed titanium studio on my AMD computer, with WIN 7 64 bit. When I start the program, I get a window with the text "Java started but returned exit code=13" and under is a lot of text. What is the problem here and how to...

Chinese Guide

A chinese guide. Please pull request, commit issue or start it.

iOS Drop down menu

Hello, I am trying to make a drop down menu. I tried with picker, but is showing a spinner instead. Is there any UI object that i can use for this ? I am using Titanium Appcelerator Classic. Thanks, Alex

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