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Swipe to left with options

Hi everybody sorry for my bas english i'm french . I have One question i found swipe to left with only delete option i want like mail app swipe to left with more option than only delete

asked 18 hours ago by dstp dstp
last activity 12 hours ago

ACS Custom Object - Create with ID

I'm trying to migrate all our data from our Development database to the Production database using the REST API, but I'm running into an issue with the object ids. The problem is that the create api ignores the id and generates a new id every time. Of...

asked Yesterday by Dev Learn
last activity 46 minutes ago

MapView region size in meters

I have to show some annotations on the map loaded with a call to one of my APIs that returns all the elements nearby, to do this I need to know that distance set my filter. Can you suggest a good way to figure out which is the visible area on the map...

Global variable scope on Alloy

Hey guys. I got into this problem and I don't know if this is a bug or just me missing some Alloy specifications. So I have on the alloy.js file a global variable like _Alloy.Globals.myVariable = 'something'_. Then I have a file in...

ACS security

If we use ACS for our app, for example a chat app or similar. Is there any security built in with ACS so that only the correct user can access the ASC objects for messages, photos and similar? What I'm wondering is if there is a login required by the...

Authentication problem

Hi All, I recently began to work on a tutorial I found on tuts+ showing a basic authentication set up using a tab group. [Click here to view link]( I was able to complete...

Images uploading as .txt

I have an app created for both android and iPhone. I've notice that there are times that the Android app is uploading the images with the extension of .txt I was wondering if anyone has experienced this, if so how can I fix this.

Alloy or Classic for dynamic objects

I want to create in alloy some interface objects and after add the on view/ window. This is how i do it on classic: ~~~ // ************************************************************************ // create the labels of the ui //...

Android screen size

Hi All Any idea why on Nexus 7 this reports wrong by about 200 Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidth and is there a fix Thanks in advance

Command Line Build Problem

Hi, I'm having difficulty using the command line build. I keep getting an error: ~~~ [ERROR] Invalid selected Titanium SDK "3.4.1.GA,true" ~~~ My TiApp.xml has the version set ~~~ <sdk-version>3.4.1.GA</sdk-version> ~~~ My command...

Crash dump analysis in titanium?

hi, what is the best way to analyze a crash dump of a titanium app? We have deployed our app and are seeing sporadic crashes in production captured by the android sdk. I dont know how to relate this back to a line of code is javascript. Please help.


Hi I am trying to implement custom fonts in Android. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have downloaded a google font called lobster. And have placed the ttf file inside a font folder which I have placed inside the android folder. I am using titanium...

Sample app advice

I am looking for a sample app that runs in the background and then pops up a screen based on different events ie at certain time or when user unlocks the device.

POST upload Audio file problem

I cannot seem to post upload a local audio file to PHP server. I have uploaded Photos before. No problems. But Audio is not working like that. Server receives and upload the Audio File but cannot play it. File size appears to be correct....

NodeJS third party module usage

Hi, I have downloaded braintree nodejs module ` npm install braintree ` for my app but when I make a call to it using the following statement `var braintree = require('braintree') ` it gives me Couldn't find module error. Can anyone help me out on how...

Splash Screen image Not Displaying

Hi, I used customised splash screen in my titanium Android App with the name Default.png, anytime i run this App on any Android device instead of splash screen it shows black , and this same image, i used it in another project...

Titanium 3.1.3 get device token

I am doing push notification with titanium, When I use Titanium sdk 3.2.x, the device token is found but when I change to 3.1.3 , but the code are totally same, however it cannot get the device token anymore. So what is the reason for this ?

iOS: Map click event issue on 3.4.1.GA

I found that click on a map anntation's title or subtitle will not fire a click event. Titanium SDK: 3.4.1.GA 2.2.2 Platform: iOS8 ~~~ var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({ backgroundColor: '#fff' }); var region = { latitude: 23.5, ...

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