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Youtube videos

Does anyone have an example of the youtube api being used in titanium mobile? I am parsing the xml response using the kitchen sink "xml rss" example as a template and I keep getting flash only movie responses from youtube. How do I get a response...

titanium sdk 1.7.5

Hi where can i download the 1.7.5 SDK version cauze i'm working on a project that has modules that don't support the 1.8.1 sdk version yet

How to force an application restart?

In my iPhone app a user may make an in-app purchase that basically requires the application to restart to take effect since tabs that are already rendered need to be re-rendered. Is there a way to do a restart? Or a better way to repaint all of the tabs?

Re-initialize the drawer menu

Hello, I am using manumaticx Ti.DrawerLayout Module. I am trying to add/modify dynamic values to the menu, like I want to add few options to menu once the user log's in. Also change the Login option to Logout. How can i achieve this? Also how can i...

Android bottom tab bars

I want to create bottom tab bar like in ios , as far as i know we don't have default bottom tab bar in android for that i created the view with vertical layout i am inserting the two views having horizontal layouts one view maintaining the images and...

Coffeescript syntax highlighting

Hi! I'm using Titanium Studio to build a Rails app which I will later write some Titanium Mobile Apps for. I'm using Rails 3.1 and Coffeescript. Titanium Studio doesn't seem to support syntax highlighting for Coffescript. - Will this feature come in the...

PDF reader on iOS doesn't work with more than 1 page

Hi, I want to display pdf files in my app. It works perfectly if the file has 1 page but doesn't work if the pdf has more than 1 page. I tried with a documentViewer and a webView, same result. Here my code : ~~~ var docViewer =...

Failed to install apk

Why doesn't titanium install on my android now? (sorry for the mutliple posts) ~~~ [INFO] : Installing apk: C:\utility\titanium\handofhelp\handofhelp_mobile_app\build\android\bin\Hand of Help.apk [INFO] : Installing app on device: Z750C [ERROR] : ...

Render a window from right to left

Hi, When I render a window using animation it always renders from left to right (I set the initial hight = 0, final height to 220). I was wondering if it's at all possible to render a window from right to left? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Instagram and adding caption

Hi I am trying to pass a caption when I pass an image to instagram using document viewer. The code (super simple test app) below successfully passes the image into insatgram however the caption isn't passed over. Would anyone be kind enough to point me...

alloy models CRUD

where can i get an example for create, read, update and delete (CRUD) in the database(SQLite)???

AES decryption

Hi I have a requirement for my app to decrypt data using AES. Has anyone done this before with titanium. Is there a library that can be used? thanks very much in advance ade

Jpeg compression.

Hi, Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for Jpeg compression. I want to take a photo and upload it to my server. (all working great) I can take the picture and resize it using Titanium.UI.createImageView but the image size is 1000x500...

Unable to recover outlook PST file

Hi, I have one user that is unable to recover a PST file from Outlook. Everything was ok yesterday and Today didn't let us extract the PST file from the server... When I select File --> Data Managment--> Add --> select PST --> select the...

Background services in alloy

Hello, im trying to get background services working in Alloy, problem is that i dont know where to place my service.js file, because nothing happens. This is my code for launching the service: ~~~ try{ // Start the background service on android if it...

Basic structure of titanium project

I am new in Titanium mobile app. I want to know about the basic structure of titanium mobile project that where from project is start to run except app.js because i am not understand that which is first file executed in Kitchen sink of Titanium.

Workspace Cannot Be Created

I'm trying to install the new Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview on Windows 7 x64, however there are a number of issues: 1. It tries to install to a weird directory by default - C:\Users\Justin\AppData\Local\Titanium Studio - it should default to C:\Program...

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