Trials and tribulations of testing on device

This isn't really a question. It is more a comment so that others searching might find this useful.

Topic: Testing on device (iPhone)

How I got it to work:

  1. Create & download a provisioning profile to your computer
  2. Double-click to install it into Xcode.
  3. In Xcode, right click the installed profile and choose "Reveal Profile in Finder"
  4. When revealed in finder, make note of the location.
  5. In Titanium, follow all of the on screen directions. When you approach the Select Provisioning Profile option, choose the location in #4
  6. If all goes well, app will install to iTunes (you're almost there!)
  7. Sync apps with phone (note: for some reason my app icon doesn't show in iTunes but does show on the phone)
  8. If you get a message about a provisioning profile being expired, head to Settings > General > Profile and make sure the right provisioning profile is selected (and also make sure that a non-expired profile is being used!)

Took me a while to figure all this out, but I got it to work (I got hung up on #5).

My specs:

  • Macbook Pro, OSX 10.5.8
  • Titanium Mobile SDK: 1.1.2
  • iPhone SDK option in Titanium: 3.1
  • iPhone 3G (8gb)
  • Level of satisfaction with Titanium vs. XCode and Objective-C: Very high

11 Answers

  • What do you mean in step 3:

    In Xcode, right click the installed profile and choose "Reveal Profile in Finder"

    I haven't been able to find that option.

  • A screenshot:

    !( "Context menu in Xcode")

  • Oops - first attempt was a big time FAIL. Let's try that again: a screenshot

    Xcode context menu for provision file

  • Thanks. That helped, but I'm still stuck. When I try to install, I get the following error in iTunes:

    The application "app" was not installed on the iPhone "iPhone" because it is not signed.

    I've verified that I've selected the correct Development certificate and Provisioning Profile. I've also changed the appid in the project to match the one from the provisioning profile.

    Any idea where to look next?

  • Nevermind. I found the issue. I had not matched the appid correctly.

    Thanks for your step-by-step. It really helped.

  • I'm having the same issue with the: The application "app" was not installed on the iPhone "iPhone" because it is not signed…

    Anyone has found a way to solve this?

  • Ok so I place the COMPLETE AppID from the Apple Iphone Develop Program into my AppID in Titanium and it finally worked.

    My complete id looks something like this:*
    (where xxxxxxxxxx is the company ID generated by Apple)

    UPDATE: Don't know why this work before. but Now I am still getting the "application is not signed" error. Its very frustrating :(

  • I am getting an app not signed error when I go to install the app on a device.
    I have followed the instructions a few times on the video and here.
    Any other suggestions?

  • By the way this is the error I get when I put the number on the front:

    Install Error

    Code sign error: Provisioning profile 'TES profile' specifies the Application Identifier 'com.MYDOMAINNAMEHERE.*' which doesn't match the current setting ''

    The xxxxxxxxx is the number apple put on the ID

  • Great write-up Rafael.

    One more tip on the "expired profile" error. I had other, older apps on my phone with expired provisioning profiles, but my iphone was telling me my new, Titanium app was using an expired profile. I spent a lot of time in the iPhone developer site trying to solve this, when going to Settings>General>Profiles and removing the expired profiles was all I needed to do.

  • Even though I've been fine testing many apps on my devices for quite a while, and also successfully built and tested the latest KitchenSink-iPad demo on my iPad, I've just been trying to run a new iPad app on my device and am running into the "application is not signed" error/bug??

    My app ID is fine and the same as in Ti. The provisioning profile is fine and installed, as I always do with other apps, but I've still getting this error - despite having tried the instructions above by locating the profile in my Library folder.

    this is weird and quite frustrating..

    anyone have any ideas?