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Apple's map application allows it to drop a pin and change it's location by dragging it around. Does Titanium allow to do this somehow?

— asked 6 years ago by Florian Plank
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  • any updates? thank you Andrea

    — commented 5 years ago by Andrea S

2 Answers

Hi everyone ... I was testing the Yuri's sourcecode but i can´t get the functionality and I´m using other way to add a pin when I changed the Region of the mapview.

I create a button icon like a Target, when I´m change the region update the latitude and longitude, when I touch the button then create a Pin.


Mapa.addEventListener('regionChanged',function(e) {
    latitud = e.latitude;
    longitud = e.longitude; 
Target Button
btnApuntador.addEventListener('click', function() {
    MostrarIndicador("Obteniendo ubicación...");

I hope that helps someone, That works for me, thanks!

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