How to get access to custom field in apple push notification?

Hello, friends,

Generally push notification contains 3 standart properties:
alert, badge and sound. I need to transfer some application data, which should not be shown as alert. For this purpose push notification has ability to create custom fields/properties in notification body.

Our server sends next message to apple push notification service: {acme = aszcxz, aps ={alert = hi}}

Application written using native objective c language receives this notification with custom message successfully.

However, titanium version does not receive any custom field:

  1. If application is closed only alert with 'hi' text is shown.
  2. Body of event callback looks like: {data={alert=hi;};source=[object NetworkModule]; type=remote;}.

Is there any way to deal with custom property of push notification in titanium js code?

Thanks for your help, Jakovas.

1 Answer

  • You should look into Urban Airship….they let you send a million messages a month for free. They even give you the code to implement with Titanium.

    Then, in their tool, you simply plug in your payload such as:

    {"aps": {"badge": 1,"alert": "This is my special message!", "mycustomvar1": "123456","mycustomvar2": "some text", "myspecialtext": "This is the best!", "url": ""}}

    As long as the payload is under 256 bytes you are good to send whatever additional data to the device you want.