Project type mobile not selectable

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I can't select the mobile project type on creating new projects. There's only the "Desktop" type, preselectet (no dropdown as mentioned in the getting started document).

Trial & error

I activated my account a few days ago and still can not select the mobile project type. I restarted my computer and Titanium several times. Is there any waiting time or something else to do, until I can create a mobile project? I successully ran the KitchenSink Android App (mobile project) but can not create new ones..

My environment

  • Appcelerator Developer: 1.2.1
  • OS: Ubuntu 10.04 up to date
  • androidsdk: r06 (newest)
  • java: sun java6 up to date


Any ideas/suggestions?

— asked 5 years ago by mat jay
1 Comment
  • After experimenting a little, I found out, if you create your account on the website, it will not give you the mobile project option. BUT: if you create your account inside the appcelerator developer it will! Please some dev here, fix this please.

    — commented 5 years ago by mat jay

2 Answers

There was a problem in the mobile login code that appeared due to a system change. That has been fixed so you should not be seeing this problem anymore.

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