SSL & WebService

Hi All:
How can I use SSL mode when a HTTPClient call a Web Webservice. I just find 'itanium.Network.HTTPClient.validatesSecureCertificate' is for HTTPS. who can share more codes, thanks.

2 Answers

  • when you use SSL, you need load the certificate before hand, if you on an iPhone, just send the cert to yourself in an e-mail and or go to the website where the cert is from.

    After the cert is loaded, the application should function properly

  • The validatesSecureCertificate is NOT a code to use SSL. Rather it is simply a setting to tell the OS ignore SSL certificate errors (expired, domain doesn't match cert, untrusted root, etc.) By default it is true in a production build, but false in a development/simulator build.

    If you want to use SSL all you have to do is set the URL you are trying to connect to for your HTTPClient to be HTTPS instead of HTTP.