Kitchen Sink won't run! What do I do?

Occasionally, when trying to import and run the Kitchen Sink sample project for mobile, you might run into problems with errors or 'hangs' when Titanium Developer tries to run the application.

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    If you can create and run a new project on your target platforms, then your system is configured properly. It's likely that the Kitchen Sink project is somehow in a bad state after download/cloning onto your machine. The path of least resistance to get the Kitchen Sink up and running quickly is to create a new Mobile project (say, "MyKitchenSink"), verify that you can build and run that project on all your target platforms, and then copy over the key pieces of the original Kitchen Sink to the new project. The parts you will need from the Kitchen Sink are:

    • tiapp.xml (top level project directory)
    • Info.plist (top level project directory)
    • Resources directory (replace contents of MyKitchenSink Resources with the Resources directory from the original Kitchen Sink)

    Other things to check

    For iPhone, you will currently need iPhone SDK 4.0.1 or higher installed. For Android, you will need Java installed and a Google APIs version of the Android SDK (version 1.6 or higher) to run and make use of all the features in the Kitchen Sink. For more help, please refer to the getting started guides, which are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

    — answered 5 years ago by Kevin Whinnery
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    • This was most helpful answer all day. Make new project and run to make sure you are set up good. Copy over essentials and good to go. Not sure why it craps out to begin with but this helps a ton.

      — commented 4 years ago by Lee Bartelme